What Easter Celebration Options Are There Amid Lock Downs?


Good Friday is a time when Christians remember the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This year the celebrations will not be the same. This is amid the spread of COVID-19 disease. As the authorities insist on social distancing, places of worship are a no-go-zone for now. Governments are trying hard to contain the spread of this disease. Locking down places of worship was significant in stopping the spread. However, Christians need to look for alternatives to celebrating the services. In particular, the month of April is important in religious calendars. Christians celebrate Easter when they commemorate the resurrection of their savior Jesus Christ. Muslims start their fasting referred to as Ramadan later in the month of April. Sikhs celebrate the festival of Vaisakhi on 13th or 14th April. Clearly, this is a busy month for the religious.

What Options do Christians Have for the Easter Festival?

Religious leaders are on the front line in providing their followers with options. Since they cannot go to the physical places of worship, they can easily stream live the services. This will help them to keep their faith in check amid the lock down all around the globe. For instance, on Palm Sunday, only the religious leaders and a handful followers represented the congregations. As a result, the spread of the disease was contained. Places of worship are hot places where the virus can spread real fast. This is because it’s hard to prevent social distancing while there. So, Christians are assured of getting spiritual messages, prayers, and worship services online amidst the lock down.

Taking a nature walk

Another way of marking the religious activities is by taking walks if it’s allowed in where you live. This will help you observe nature and realise that there’s hope amid the crisis that’s here with us. You will end up refreshed and hopeful. This is a time that needs us to look for ways of how we can overcome the hard time. As a result, we can celebrate festivals like Easter in happiness and joy. Going outside brings new strength as long as you follow the directives of maintaining social distance. This is an alternative to spending the whole weekend in the church for the festivals.

Singing Out in your House

Easter this year came at a time when almost everyone is at home with their loved ones. Wondering how you will spend yours in style? How about trying to sing out loudly in the house? You realise that this is a time to thank Jesus for dying on the cross for you. Now that you can’t be in Church, how about doing it in your own house? In so doing, you will not get a tad bored. You will note that this replicates going to church to pray. The only difference is that this time you are experiencing lock downs.

Catching up with fellow Christians in social networks

When you catch up with fellow Christians in social networks, you can pray and worship together. Remind each other that it shall be well. Instil hope in others in these hard times. Consequently, we will face this together and sure enough we shall overcome. The fact that we can’t meet physically doesn’t mean that we stop praying. No. Many options are available and we need to seize them. COVID-19 should never be the reason for forgetting our Maker. In fact, this is the time to seek him more. By praying in groups social networks like Facebook, Zoom, Skype, YouTube, and others, we are safeguarding our faith.



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