West African Bloc’s Recommendation: Senegal Prompted to Set a Revised Election Date


West African Bloc’s

West Africa’s primary regional bloc, ECOWAS, has issued a call for Senegal to promptly determine a new date for the presidential election. This move follows the recent ruling by Senegal’s Constitutional Council, deeming the postponement of the vote to December as unconstitutional.

The Constitutional Council overturned the bill that had delayed the originally scheduled February 25 election, creating a week-long electoral crisis in Senegal. The country, known for its stable democracy, witnessed violent protests amid concerns of authoritarian overreach.

The uncertainty prevails over whether President Macky Sall will adhere to the Constitutional Council’s request to hold the election as soon as possible. Any resistance from the authorities could potentially escalate tensions, given the unrest already witnessed during the past week.

ECOWAS, which had previously criticized the postponement as contrary to Senegal’s democratic tradition, is now urging all stakeholders involved in the electoral process to comply with the Constitutional Council’s decision. The regional bloc also calls upon the competent authorities to promptly set a new date for the presidential election.

While the presidency and government have not yet confirmed their acceptance of the Constitutional Council’s ruling, a spokesperson indicated that the government had taken note of the decision. The spokesperson emphasized the need for dialogue among different political factions to chart a way forward.

President Sall had previously justified the election delay, citing a dispute over the candidate list and alleged corruption within the Constitutional Council, which he argued would undermine the poll’s credibility.

Opposition figures have welcomed the Constitutional Council’s ruling, with some urging President Sall to announce a new election date before April 2, when his mandate officially expires. Despite the ruling, a scheduled protest against the election delay is expected to proceed.

In its statement, ECOWAS calls for restraint among the political class and all stakeholders, emphasizing the importance of inclusive dialogue to navigate through the current political challenges in Senegal.


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