wedding venue choices: what they tell us about social status in Nigeria

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wedding venue choices plays a major role in revealing the social status. There are different kinds of venues and the choice depends on one’s preference.

Some are enclosed in a building; others are semi-encased or in open fields. Significant meetings and assembly halls are frequently put together to suit tastes and are  built by the government. At that point, there are those worked by people or organizations to have get-together like birthday celebrations and wedding gatherings.

The event venues vary in cost and sizes. There are big, medium and small venues. Some underlying factors influence the choice of wedding venues. Some of them are availability, proximity, and rates.

Therefore, the above factors will lead to a social categorization of the customers as “rich” or “poor”.

Wedding venue choices and what they represent 

After recent research, we discovered that the utilization of event hubs in Ibadan was bound with social associations. In light of their decisions, individuals have been perceived as fitting into a group that relished – and could manage the cost of – eye-catching consumption.

 Why chose event centers

Conventionally, most important events such as weddings, birthdays, naming ceremonies and chieftaincy celebrations have been carried out inside that compound. But since the 20th century, modernization has eroded the traditional ways.

As a result, event center culture is flourishing among the upper class and the middle class. These celebrations, mostly weddings are making use of event centers.

For our analysis, we picked event centers in Ibadan city. Using the expenses of each to arrange three classes of small (somewhere in the range of $600 and $1,000), medium ($1,666 to $2,333) and big (above $2,666). A few respondents referenced, they considered the use of event centers to be stylish and fashionable.

“Yes, I could have done my wedding in my wife’s family house, but you see things are changing. People don’t do that anymore. That was in the past, so we didn’t want to be old school. We wanted to move with the trend,” a respondent commented.

Other factors that accounted for high usage of these centers in Ibadan included weather.

“We used a hall for our wedding ceremony because it was during the rainy season. You know the kind of rain these days that are accompanied by the storm. It can spoil your event and again the hall we used was very close to our church. So it was easier for our guests to move from the church to the reception ground, ‘said another respondent.

 The extravagance that comes with it

It is without a doubt that these event centers don’t come cheap. Obviously, on your special day like a wedding day, you would want it to be perfect. People will want to go overboard with everything associated with the special day.

You will boost your social status by hiring a very expensive hall, having the best-rated caterers, band and the whole hullabaloo that comes with it. In conclusion, people believe that the more you spend on these events, the more prestigious you are.







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