Ways to Ensure Complete Online Privacy

Ways to ensure complete online privacy
online privacy

Privacy is paramount when using the internet. But the question on online privacy remains the internet’s most controversial questions. Internet privacy has initiatives in making the internet safe for use. An online survey suggests that they want online privacy and many also fear its disadvantages. Online privacy is something many desire to keep their browsing history secret.

Accessing services, websites, and taking information from the internet becomes more convenient and comfortable with online privacy. Also, sites can be accessed without being tracked by third parties. There are several platforms to use to maintain your online privacy. These platforms include;

Express VPN

Express VPN is one of the best VPN available. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) ensures that a public network connected to a remote site is made private. These connections are “virtual” and routed through the internet from the third party VPN or private network service. These services encrypt your connections, allowing no-one except the user. The VPN also offers unrestricted access worldwide.

The VPN also removes any content restrictions you may come across. For example; if a website is banned in your country, with Express VPN you can access that content. Express VPN also hides your IP address and encrypts the network data. Your access to the internet is utterly protected and private. This software is completely subscription-based and legal.


Mozilla Firefox is amongst the very few browsers that come with the method needed for online privacy. It comes with features to block 2000 plus web trackers, these trackers follow your online presence making you feel uncomfortable when surfing the internet.

“Tracking has become an online pandemic,” says Firefox, “companies follow every move, click and purchase, influence what you’ll do next, and collecting data to predict your next move. We think that’s a gross invasion of your privacy. That’s why Firefox mobile and desktop browsers have Enhanced Tracking Protection on by default.”

It also put in place measures to check breaches or suspicious events targeting your email address. The measures also check other avenues of personal information. This event can be continued if you want them to and Firefox doesn’t store this information by default. Through the Firefox lockwise all your passwords and credentials in Mozilla are coded on all the devices you use. The information is encrypted that not even the company can see them, says the web browser.


While browsing on firefox you may consider using DuckDuckGo as your go-to search engine. This search engine has garnered over 1.1 million followers on Twitter and seems to be growing more popular by the day. DuckDuckGo offers a unique search engine which doesn’t keep track of what you visit, store, or share. It keeps your personal information and browser information confidential. Also, this search engine doesn’t store your search history and you can have easy access to it without any intrusion. DuckDuckGo can also be added to your Google Chrome as an extension. With this, DuckDuckGo has no information to display or sell to other third parties that keep track of you on the internet.


Fast mail is a fast and expertly supported emailing service that ensures your information or email is never shared. It also ensures the information is never shared without your knowledge or consent. “Free yourself from big tech and make the independent choice,” says Fastmail. The company also states that most internet companies make use of your data to get rich, advising users to take back their privacy. This platform offers a better email experience and also features App support across several mobile phones. The platform also offers easy and quick email export/import feature to save users time.




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