Ways Artificial Intelligence is Affecting Africa

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has continued to affect emerging technologies, especially in Africa. This feature has improved the way technologies are being used nowadays. With this, AI has impacted Africa’s economy tremendously. African innovators and developers are also looking for unique and new ways to make the lives of customers and clients easier.

Here are ways Artificial Intelligence is affecting Africa


Many credit rating systems in Africa do not possess much information on clients. This credit system doesn’t have a means of retrieving the money when they’re loaned out. Banks also rely on this system for lending money to customers. The credit is developed using data from those who need the money, information from their salary history to spending is gathered.

This issue has motivated developers to have more effective ways to help more Africans do banking efficiently. Companies like Migo (a Nigerian based money lending firm) developed an AI system that gathers data on clients, analyses the data, and uses it to derive a lending decision. This firm also works with banks to deploy the same technology allowing them to minimize credit risk.

Banking facilitation

Chatbots powered by AI are becoming common among banks across the continent. Most chatbots are powered by Facebook’s Messenger API which makes the transaction easy to achieve. Banks also make use of these chatbots to provide services on Facebook or WhatsApp.


AI has also affected the E-Commerce market. A Nigerian based company known as Touchabl uses AI to let customers buy items. These items include clothing, accessories, and more. The AI technology adopted by this firm allows customers to purchase items by clicking or tapping that item on any picture. Touchable has raised $20,000 from a community development project “GenesysTechHub”.

Other innovations built with AI technology include Cellulant which is a Kenya –based payment firm. This firm uses Snapchat filters to let customers try out items such as lipsticks to decide whether or not they can be purchased.


“If you can understand how people give trust, it is easy to improve and make them feel more comfortable with systems such as Siri or Amazon Echo,” states Tech Cabal’s, Abubaker Idris. Recently, a new Kenya based startup has built an AI system that helps to improve trust. This AI system models human behavior to understand how people display trust. With this concept around trust, it extends this information to allow e-commerce and personal assistants to make decisions.


AI has been integrated into agriculture to improve the way crops are grown. A concept from Kenya known as Apollo Agriculture helps to combine machine learning. It also combines soil information and geographic information sensing to aid in increasing the productivity of farmers. Now, more and more farmers and companies are using Artificial Intelligence to solve issues in the agriculture chain.

Artificial intelligence still affects Africa in many ways making it more technologically based. Since the inception of AI, AI has also assisted in improving the economy of the country. In the future, more and more concepts will still be invented by AI to make living more convenient and comfortable.




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