Visually Impaired People Get Married in A Group Wedding in Somali.

visually impaired somali

A group of five visually Impaired couples from Somalia, each having a blind partner had a joint wedding ceremony in the capital city of Somalia, Mogadishu. The visually impaired people included one blind bride and four blind grooms.

Sometimes people with disabilities go through the toughest time in their day-to-day activities. These challenges prove to very hard on them and may sometimes find it difficult to achieve what other people get with ease. However, this setback should not let them lose hope and throw their dreams down the drain.


Visually impaired giving back to the community

Private companies offered a helping hand when they decided to fund the ceremony. Unlike traditionally, in the Somali culture, for a couple to have a wedding, the family members have to raise funds to help the couple.

Samira, one of the visually impaired people said, “It was not easy for me to find a husband”. “I also had a hard time raising the money for the wedding ceremony”.

Visually impaired people, just like other people with disabilities have a hard time getting jobs and so they experience hardships when it comes to fending for themselves. Most of them are dependent on their family members.


Unconditional love

Samira’s husband, Masiah Ali said, “I fell in love with my visually impaired wife while teaching her. I believe that she was a hard-working student and one day she will be an amazing mother who will raise our children very well.”

Samira also advised people with disability “not to give up in finding love”


Challenges people with visual impairment encounter

These people have a tough time navigating around places. Especially when they are in a new environment.

Having access to information is a challenge. For example, they can’t see road signs, billboards, and other types of visual information. They have to rely on others who don’t have that disability.

They sometimes go through societal stigma. This is where the society or community assumes that the visually impaired cannot perform tasks on their own. Let’s say, for example, a blind person drops a glass. He or she will be judged on that to be perceived as not able to take care of themselves.

Finding and keeping a job is also a challenge. Since society has some assumptions about blindness, some people cannot imagine having a visually impaired employee. They consider it a liability to the company. This is a very negative perception since people with disabilities need opportunities to explore their potential.

To the visually impaired couples, we can wish them all the happiness they deserve. The bravery they have shown by defying all odds and negativity that came their way. Indeed “love is blind” and they have shown the world that love knows no boundaries.


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