Things to Expect from Android 11


Google has released the first developer preview for its new OS, Android 11. This new OS will showcase new features. The new features can be tested and used before the final release. Developers can now download and access a system image for the Pixel 2, 3, 3a, or 4. They can also try out the operating system conveniently and deliver feedback on issues they may have encountered.

Recently, the company stated on this platform a message to allow developers to get an insight into what to expect on the new OS.

“Today, we’re releasing the first Developer Preview of Android 11, and building on a strong feedback cycle last year, we’re making this year’s preview available to you earlier than ever.”

The company also stated that this is just a first look and display more features as they move to its final release. Below is what to expect in the new functionality included in the OS;

5G Network Support

This new Android OS will support 5G network capabilities and speed. It comes with enhanced connectivity APIs which will allow users and developers to make use of 5Gs dynamic speed improvements. The OS has a Dynamic Meteredness API which allows for connection checking. This checking is either metered or unmetered. Dynamic Meteredness can be used for adjusting the quality and resolution of the content. The OS also has a Bandwidth Estimator for checking the user’s connection bandwidth without polling the actual network.

Conversation Enhancer

Android 11 has several changes that allow effective notification and conversation work. The OS also enhances new details like dedicated conversations section in the notification area. New native chat bubbles were also included in the development of the OS. This new conversation system will also support inserting images when replying to notifications.

New privacy features

Privacy has always been at the core of the Android operating system. Google invests more money and skill to enhance its security capabilities and also ensure to keep their user’s safe. The company makes sure it increase privacy control and improves transparency. There’s an option for new permission and new privacy features. The new privacy features include:

  • Scoped storage: This brings an improvement to external storage for user data and applications. It has New MediaStore functionalities such as opt-in raw file path access, batch edit operations, and updated DocumentsUI.
  • One-time permission: The new OS will provide the ability for users and developers to access hardware and data elements for effective uses. It will also ensure the permission granted when used it removed when the app is closed.

New Forms Support

This new OS includes support for new form factors like horizontally and vertical folding smartphones. Recently, Samsung has decided to produce smartphones with the vertical and horizontal folding form factor. The Android 11 comes with features to ensure the devices are used conveniently. New APIs are also included to allow developers to optimize applications to support these new form factors.

New Improvements for Updates

The OS also delivers new improvements for Updates by prioritizing app compatibility. This creates an effort to reach more devices more quickly with updates. The new OS has added new processes, release milestones to minimize the impact of platform updates.

New Security Features

It enhances the security of your phone by including the following capabilities:

  • Platform hardening: This allows maximum protection of security-critical components. And also a new heap pointer tagging for storing memory issues.
  • Biometrics: The OS has a BiometricPrompt which supports three authenticator types with different levels of granularity. This feature was well integrated within the app architecture.
  • ID Storage: This supports secure storage and retrieval of ID documents like mobile licenses. The OS also has a BlobstoreManager feature which allows apps to share data more secure.




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