US Announces Re-Establishment of its Embassy in Somalia After Almost 30 Years

It’s good news for Somalia after the US has announced to re-open the Somalia embassy. This has been after such a long time since the two countries had bilateral ties. Us closed its embassy in Somalia in January 1991 after civil wars emerged in the country. After almost three decades of civil war, violence, and militia attacks in the country, the US has decided to revive collaborations between the two countries.

The reason why the embassy had ended is that Islamist militias wanted to take over power thus resorted to fighting. This led to endless civil wars. After overthrowing the long-sitting leader Siad Barre, the clan militias fought among themselves in order to assume power. Politics has been the backbone of the strife in the country. Ever since, Somalia has been in wars, violence, and fighting, as the clan militias have never reconciled overpower positions.

Last year, the US established permanent bilateral ties between the US and Somalia in its capital Mogadishu. Though the agreement took place in the capital of its neighbor Kenya, Nairobi, it has come to a reality. According to the US ambassador in Somalia, Donald Yamamoto, the reopening of the embassy was in efforts to foster growth and development in Somalia. “Today, we reaffirm the relations between the American people and the Somali people and our two nations,” he said.

It is an important and historic day that reflects Somalia’s progress in recent years, and a step forward in regularizing US diplomatic engagement in Mogadishu since recognizing the federal government of Somalia in 2013,” the US ambassador said in a report.

He added that the re-opened embassy would serve to “enhance cooperation, advance US national strategic interests, and support our overall security, political, and economic development goals and objectives.”

The US is Somalia’s biggest donor, granting the country a total of $730 million according to a report by a state official. This financial aid is used to build on the economy as well as train commandos who will fight the militant groups when the need arises.

US role in fighting the Al Shabab in Somalia

Somalia still gets attacked by jihadists (armed Al Shabab) groups, which disrupt the peace of the country. For instance, recently, Al Shabab tried to attack the US military base in Baledogle in Southern Somalia. This is a center used to host US and Somali forces as well as store the drones that attack Al Shabab targets. These militants want to overthrow the UN-recognized government, but the US government has been key in fighting them. This will help to bring political stability and peace in Somalia.

During the attack, the militants were spotted before they could get into the perimeter fence, and strict measures were taken to fight them. As a result, no Somali soldier was injured, and peace has already prevailed. This US military base needs to be alert anytime because the Al Shabab has realized its role in curbing the ongoing fights. The Somali commandos are taught tactics of fighting these enemies who even penetrate to the neighboring country, Kenya, to disrupt peace and harmony.

The recent re-establishment of the embassy will ensure that Somalia regains peace and democracy. This will be at the forefront in fostering economic development as well as the political stability of Somalia. Soon, the US embassy will be able to root out the Al Shabab from the grounds of Somalia as it has been a constant hindrance to development.