Upcoming African Music Stars

 Africa is known to be a great hub of talent. In the past years, various countries in Africa have been producing some of the top stars in multiple disciplines. Music is among the industries that have been known to produce stars that go to conquer the entire world and rank among the best.  With the year coming to an end, here are some of the top upcoming African music stars people need to watch out for.

Brian Nadra

Since 2017, we have been following Brian Nadra, a young Kenyan musician. Brian went to fame after releasing Leo.  Brian considers his music to be for the Smartphone era that is cushioned by the millennial culture. Vital young Kenyan singer who is also a songwriter has quickly managed to become a pop culture Ambassador in Kenya thanks to his sultry voice. He might be the first male singer from Kenya to break internationally.


Innoss’B has successfully pulled away from the Congolese music culture, bringing a completely new and modern taste to his song. He has a style of dance that will wow the crowd. He always dances to the drum beats. At 22 years old, Innoss’B, with his song Yo Pe is making waves in Africa. He, however, collaborated with Diamond in the song.  Within three months, his song managed YouTube views 14 million.

Sho Madjozi

For sure, nothing is going to stop this top hip hop artist from South Africa. Fresh from winning the BET awards, Sho Madjozi’s passion is her biggest drive. Whenever one is listening to Sho Madjozi music or watching any of her live performances, you will for sure fall in love with whatever she is doing. Although most of the South Africa artists are targeting her home-town, she has so far managed to win many supporters. She’s one of the upcoming African music stars.


Joeboy has been attracting lots of people with his recent hit song Baby that has so far managed YouTube views 18 million in 9 months. Joeboys’ expression and voice-enable him to produce the verses of the song on infused pop and Afro beats. The next music, ‘Beginning’ has also been well received by African music lovers. He recently released Love and Light music. Joeboy is quickly growing to fame with just his two songs while the EP is quickly crossing borders all over Africa.  He was well-received by his fans in the United Kingdom during his performance.

Karungi Sheebah

Karungi Sheebah has so far started on a good note in Uganda. With her music crossing the borders, she will soon become a hit not just in Africa but the rest of the world. Karungi Sheebah does have a pleasing voice making her a daring musician. Right from her collaboration with other top African musicians to her fashion style, Karungi Sheebah is making good use of her natural talent, bringing her country’s’  music levels to a completely different height.  Many of her fans consider her a superwoman. She seems to be a completely ordinary artist in her normal routine, and that is what her fans love her for whenever she steps on the stage. Therefore, consider the above upcoming African music artists for good-time entertainment.