Understanding The Best of African Fashion

Understanding Africa Fashion
Understanding Africa Fashion

For some years, if not decades Fashion in Africa has been considered something foreign. However, this is fast changing since the election of President Obama; the Afro-American community is becoming more familiar with their sense of fashion. This African community has involved itself with the fashion more so to remind themselves of their diverse and rich heritage.  The African fashion roots are rooted back to many years ago.

African fashion outside the continent

African fashion has been featuring fashion shows across the world. It doesn’t matter whether its sisal skirts or the kangas. Of late the trend is becoming more lively in the runway shows. The shows are happening quite often as the  designers take it upon themselves to compete with the international fashion designers.

Factors leading to the growth of the Fashion

Fashion Shows. The central theme for many of these shows is fashion with a purpose. The displays can attract many stylists enthusiasts across the world. African style has become part of pop culture. Some designers are getting the strong following from some of the celebrities and also the public personalities. Not only the stars, the common masses are also embracing African fashion to look good. Men are not left behind. They are also becoming fashions conscious. Many of them are adopting African made clothes.

Miss World beauty pageant has also been of significant influence on the growth of the fashion industry in Africa. The reason behind it is because most of the models turn to the local designers to do their clothes. Many designers have become popular across the world due to this. For the many who want to express themselves, African fashion has become their signature.

The results 

African designers are also adapting and successfully combining western styles with African wear. As a result, they can come up with original and authentic garments. This has led to a vibrant scene, a colorful one, and more prosperous because of this combination.

The garments from African designers are available globally. In online spaces, fashion stores are dedicated to African wears, and some even own their branded stores as well. As a result, non-African have a great platform to purchase their African wear when they want to express themselves by liking the authentic and original styles and designs that are based on African fashion.



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