Navigating Challenges: Understanding the 32.31% Drop in Power Generation

Understanding the 32.31% Drop in Power Generation
Power generation drops 32.31% to 2,775MW

Understanding the 32.31% Drop in Power Generation

Amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding the new electricity tariff and the persisting issue of inadequate power supply, electricity generation plummeted to 2,775 megawatts (MW) yesterday, marking a significant 32.3 percent decline from the 4,099.87 MW recorded just last week. These figures were disclosed in data released by the Nigeria Electricity System Operator (NESO), a semi-autonomous unit of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).

Investigations by Vanguard revealed that despite recent adjustments in billing for Band A power consumers, there has been no improvement in the overall power value chain. Challenges persist, including insufficient gas supply to thermal stations and the deteriorating condition of transmission lines. Since the beginning of the year, power generation has averaged around 4200 megawatts.

Data from the Independent System Operator (ISO) indicated that as of 6 p.m. yesterday, the load allocation to the eleven Distribution Companies (DisCos) totaled 2,775.00 megawatts. Abuja Disco received the highest allocation, 428MW, followed by Ikeja Electric, 422MW, Eko Disco, 359MW, and others. Conversely, Yola Disco received the lowest allocation, 79MW.

This imbalance between generation and distribution has forced DisCos to implement load-shedding measures to distribute the limited electricity supply across various regions and customers at different times. Some DisCos have taken to social media to address their customers, acknowledging the challenges and apologizing for the inability to meet the estimated supply hours.

For instance, Ibadan Disco issued a public announcement titled “List of Band A feeders with Unmet hours of service (11th, April 2024),” expressing regret for the failure to deliver the expected supply hours due to earth faults on the 33kV lines. Despite these challenges, DisCos remain committed to supplying electricity to their customers to the best of their abilities.


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