UN Warns of ‘Catastrophic’ War Expanding Beyond Sudan’s Borders

UN Warns of 'Catastrophic' War Expanding Beyond Sudan's
UN Warns of 'Catastrophe' As Sudan War Rages On - TheBoss Newspaper

UN Warns of ‘Catastrophic’ War Expanding Beyond Sudan’s Borders

A senior UN official has issued a stark warning about the ongoing civil war in Sudan, stating that unless more action is taken to address the conflict between the army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), the repercussions will extend far beyond the Horn of Africa region.

Toby Harward, the UN Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator for Sudan, described the situation in and around the city of El Fasher in North Darfur as “catastrophic.” He highlighted the severity of the crisis, citing it as the largest displacement and humanitarian crisis in Sudan, with a high number of children out of school and numerous cases of sexual violence.

Harward emphasized the urgent need for international attention to the crisis, stressing that its potential to spread across the region demands significant intervention from the international community.

The UN official reported escalating violence in the region, including arbitrary killings, the destruction of entire villages, intensified air bombardments, and a tightening siege hindering the delivery of humanitarian aid.

Of particular concern is the city of El Fasher, the last remaining stronghold under army control in the Darfur region. Fears are mounting that the RSF and its allied militias are preparing for an attack, raising alarms about the potential escalation of violence and humanitarian suffering.

The situation in Sudan represents a pressing humanitarian crisis with far-reaching implications, requiring immediate and concerted efforts from the international community to address the root causes of the conflict, protect civilians, and facilitate the delivery of vital aid to those in need.


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