Ugandan Siblings, the Winners of East Africa Got Talent

Two Ugandan siblings walked away with the $50,000 prize in East Africa’s Got Talent. This happened during the weekend. The event which was held in Nairobi. The great vocals of the youngsters left the audience and judges amazed. Esther and Ezekiel aged 14 and 11 years respectively, hail from Uganda. Ugandan siblings, the winners of East Africa got talent outdid Leyna Magere who had initially wowed the judges.

Realizing the singing talent

Esther recounts how her aunt kept insisting that she had singing talent. She, however, could not let this get into her. At home, Esther stood in front of the mirror and sang her lungs out. However, she was not confident enough that she is a songstress. Little did Esther know that she was preparing to win the East Africa got talent first edition. As a result, the aunt secretly took a video of Esther singing and used it to register them for the East Africa’s Got Talent. Ugandan siblings, the winners of East Africa got talent beat other contestants in the same category.


At only 11 years of age, Ezekiel walked to the stage full of confidence. He had a determination that they would win. He would firmly hold her sister’s hands during the performance to assure her that they would achieve it. Sure enough, the two champs won. At such a young age, Ugandan siblings, the winners of East Africa got talent are 50,000 dollars richer.

The duo’s electric performance of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey’s “When you believe” lyrics carried away the judges and everyone present. The judges were so impressed that they pronounced them winners minutes later. Ugandan siblings, the winners of East Africa got talent made their parents so proud. The father back in Uganda was lost in joy on receiving the news. The mum lives in Canada and she told Esther on the phone that they are screaming for joy back there. Every parent would be proud of such an achievement.

When asked about future plans, Ugandan siblings, the winners of East Africa got talent said that they would consult their parents. The parents should definitely tap the potential of these kids. This is a remarkable achievement indeed. It has set the pace for these brilliant kids’ careers. Esther is so happy that she is living her dream. She constantly wished that she would one day become a celeb. Receiving such recognition from her peers is very rewarding as well.

Ezekiel’s practice

Ezekiel Mutesasira, the young boy recalls how he would watch celebrities singing on Television. He fondly narrates how he would always strive to look as exactly as the celebs. So, Ezekiel would go to his parent’s wardrobe in search of an outfit that matched celebrities’. Copying the stars has helped him practice both the moves and the soundtracks. The eleven-year-old is a talented little champ who is destined for greatness.

Ugandan siblings, the winners of East Africa’s got talent were competing with contestants from four regions. The other finalists were Comedic Dance Group (Uganda), Dance Alliance Network (Uganda), Jehovah Shallom Acapella (Uganda), JAnella Tamara (Kenya), Spellcast (Kenya) and Inteyoberana Cultural Hope (Rwanda).