Ugandan Authorities Charge Chinese Nationals for Breaking Law


The coronavirus emerged from China, Wuhan, and since then, the disease is spreading all around the globe. COVID-19 has infected millions of people as thousands die every single day. Several countries put forward measures that would help to control the spread of the coronavirus. Ugandan authorities charge the Chinese for breaking the national law. Find out which law in particular!

The World Health Organization urged countries to take samples of tests and rapidly trace contacts. The purpose of the exercise was to sample out people who might have contracted the virus and hence taken to a mandatory quarantine facility.

Medical professionals advise patients to observe the 14-day quarantine to help stop the continuous spread of the disease. Uganda has 61 cases of coronavirus, over 30 recoveries, and no fatalities on record.

Chinese Outlaws

Authorities in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, is yet to press arraignments against some Chinese citizens. About a month ago, these Chinese citizens ran from a government’s quarantine institute facility.

According to Mujuni Raymond, a local journalist, there were about 6 Chinese citizens in total. Another story developed saying that two Ugandans aided them to escape from the quarantine facility and are yet to face charges.

The names of the two Ugandan accomplices are Mr. Abdu Matovu (the driver) and his wife Swaba Nansuna. For the six Chinese, their names are Huang Haigiang, Li Chaochyan, Lin Xiaofang, Qin Shening, Liang Xinging, and Huang Wei.

After an arrest of the Chinese nationals, 2 of them tested positive for the coronavirus disease. The authorities took the Chinese citizens to court, but the court decided to temporarily hold the case. The court proceedings were to begin last month, but they did not make an appearance to the court.

Prosecutors View

The prosecutors say the court was arraigning the Chinese Nationals to wanting to spread a deadly disease. On March 19th this year, the 6 victims left the Kibuli Hotel Africa despite being under a compulsory self-isolation for about 14 days.

These six Chinese citizens were trying to reach the Democratic Republic of Congo and the police caught them in the Zombo district. Reports say that the 6 were coming from Guangzhou in the Province of Guangdong. This region is infamous for treating the African people badly.

Regarding the inhumane treatment of Africans in China, some Kenyans who had gone to Beijing spoke to the nation’s authorities. One of the Kenyans says that the Chinese authorities do not allow the Africans to enter their shops to buy groceries.

Today’s Verdict Concerning The Victims

Earlier today in Kampala, there was a court proceeding which sentences half a dozen Chinese nationals for disobeying the law. Ruth Nabaasa, Nakawa Court Chief Magistrate, sentences the six based on them owing up to their mistakes.

A newspaper report says the conviction is standby until earlier next month. The court looks forward to getting another Chinese interpreter for the hearings since Michael Zhong refuses to continue. Michael says that he has halted his duties as an interpreter since he is claiming that he has not received his pay for the job.

The two Ugandans who helped the Chinese nationals to escape have pleaded not to be guilty and hence they are in custody.





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