Uganda, the only East African Country, the Coronavirus Has Not Affected

The president of Uganda
museveni- bans travellers from COVID-19 hit countries

Uganda is sandwiched among the other East African countries that have already been hit by the COVID-19. Although Uganda has not yet registered any coronavirus cases, it banned activities that may lead to any large gatherings.

The president of the Republic of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, placed a ban on almost all public places and activities on Wednesday 18th March 2020 that took effect on Friday 20th March 2020. He addressed the entire country on national television and noted these key points.

“Via their egoistic practices, the countries of the World are waking up Africa that relying on others is suicidal. Everything you’ve been importing, except oil products, make it here. The US$ 7 billion that you used to import, keep it here. Turn your ill-fortune into an incentive.”

“Stop behaving like greedy foreigners who seek to block our few sales to other African countries,” the President said. We may hold some for ourselves, but we’re going to share everything with everyone. The blockage of imports would then allow the Ugandans long-sleep awake. Uganda should use the vast amount of money that they received for a bigger period to develop their output potential. We should stop rendering our economy a dumping ground for international products”

“As we have several citizens dealing with HIV (1.4 million), diabetes (800,00), obesity (4,8 million), TB (100,000 a year), we will do our best to ensure that this adversary will not come here. The Cabinet, under my Chairmanship, on Monday, the 16th of March 2020, sat and decided as follows:”

The Ten Bans

  1. “It is prudent that, by shutting all primary, secondary schools, colleges and third establishments for a month, starting with Midday 20 March 2020, we abolish these focus points. It is sensible and no exceptions. Both organizations will close to prevent such concentrations of this infection. In the face of this threat, it is a wise way to escape this focus point.”

  2. “While we have finished coping with the clusters of the public schools, we have social meetings to contend with. These are churches and Mosques, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday prayers and open-air services. The government postponed such for a month with obvious effect in the name of the welfare of our men.”

“How can God forgive us and how can we forgive ourselves? It is better to be a coward than to be on the side of caution when it comes to safety.  If after a month there is no risk, it’s fine. We would’ve stopped it if there was a risk. The prayers can carry ahead, albeit at home. Faith leaders will start speaking on television and radio stations. As expected, His Holiness Pope Francis gave a strong indication by quitting the regular preaching in St. Peter’s Square by utilizing the TV.”

3. Then governmental or cultural — general gatherings, conventions, campaigns, etc. become the next group of the mass events. The government banned all these for 32 days with immediate effect.

4.  “God’s grace has saved Uganda. Up to date, not one case of the coronavirus has been reported. Several false reports have proved incorrect in our experiments. However, universally, there are countries with several cases. In terms of the outbreak, we classify these nations as category one. These countries are Italy, France, South Korea, China, USA, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Norway, Austria, Malaysia, Pakistan, and San Marino.”

The East African COVID-19 Sandwich

“We prohibit all outbound Ugandans traveling to or from these nations for another 32 days with immediate effect.  Uganda has closed its borders. Foreigners are free to travel to those countries but should not return during the forbidden era. We give these countries our support and applaud them for sacrificing for their citizens.”

Uganda-The East African COVID-19 Sandwich

“We cannot prohibit Ugandans even from category one of the countries I read above from returning from abroad.  Nonetheless, we will place them through a compulsory quarantine. There, they will cater for themselves; fees, food, etc. They should stay in the nation where they are briefly residing whether they want to prevent either inconvenience or expense.”

5.   Other points of mass concentrations are non-farm workplaces: warehouses, hospitals, large farms, malls, taxi parks. We expect many to continue working. The Ministry of Health will issue standard operating procedures (SOPs) in those workplaces.

6.  The Uganda-style marriages which bring together the community pentagon are forbidden. The bridegroom’s clan, the bride’s clan, the couple’s friends, the neighbors, and relatives are typically large groups of citizens from the six compasses.

Wedding participants may be a source of grave danger from this multi-directional flow. The decision is to delay the wedding of this sort for 32 days. If, however, the married couple is in a hurry, they might only go for a strictly scientific wedding. This will, however, comprise the key actors. These are; the bride, the groom, the best man, the bride’s matron, and the priest.

7. Another moment several citizens assemble is at burials.  Families, mates, colleagues, acquaintances come to the table in huge numbers, which becomes a risk.

“The funeral can’t be stopped or delayed for 32 days. It wouldn’t be wise.  We propose, however, that the family nearest render a funeral. Nonetheless, if the deceased died of the coronavirus, then without the intervention of the family, the State would take over the victim in a medical manner, as we did with the victims of the Ebola.”

“Uganda cannot emulate the ignorance in West Africa, where even though citizens died of Ebola, the practice of washing dead bodies was kept.  Consequently, the “bathers of the dead bodies” wound up reflecting non-scientific cultural activity. We will combat it like we have done with Ebola three times, Marburg and AIDS. We will confront this epidemic through wise and science grounded behavior.”

8. Producers, poultry producers, and fishers are the second largest group of Ugandans. However, they might not be a concern by themselves as they reside and require little concentration of citizens in distributed households.

If the Churches and Mosques or politicians will not take them to political gatherings, they can do their most important work in a fragmented manner. At least they will not be a danger to themselves or others.

The President, therefore, warned that all people should follow the standards of hygiene in subsequent correspondence. The second risk field is the monthly competition for the other groups of farmers. It can be avoided for 32 days as well.

9. There is public transit; Boda Boda, taxis, coaches, mini-buses or trains. There is an obvious risk many passengers sit near each other in the vehicle’s cramped room from Lira to Kampala, etc.

Consequently, the recommendation was: “Do not travel unless you use public transit when it is strictly required.”

The health ministry also needs to make mandatory SOPs applicable to companies that use such means of transport: hand washes, not permitting onboard sick passengers, temperature control, etc. Public transport must proceed with these measures.  However, mass transit in an area is banned and the region is segregated if an epidemic takes place in a specific venue.

10. Another front of the virus war is to avoid the joyous creation of clubs, parties, pubs, entertainment, sports and concert places.  Such are risky virus aggregation sites. The Ugandan government has postponed all this for one month.

Hygienic Measures

The virus spreads by sneezing and coughing according to evidence documented to date. The infection passes through the nose of those who are nearby.  Therefore, it’s critical for somebody not to go into public with a cough or cold. The infected person will either self-isolate or the government will isolate him.

The President advised, “If you aren’t accountable for the common welfare, the government will control you. Even at home you will still cough or sneeze in the handkerchief and always use a heated flat-iron or a disposable tissue, which you can either flush into the toilet or burn. Do not spray the public, or your relatives with your mucous and spittle primitively, or cough carelessly.”

“It is necessary not to contaminate the surfaces-the desks, the handles, etc.-while you are coughing or sneezing and frequently wash your hands. The infection will remain with you until you recover, even though you get it. All this time we have avoided shaking hands, hugging and kissing for some time now. Let it continue.”

Only the soft areas of the body can contract the virus: the lips, nose, and eyes.  And if the surfaces become contaminated with the virus and one touches them with his hands, the virus persists.  It does, however, not penetrate the body unless one doesn’t wash their hands before touching the sensitive areas of the body. Everyone should get used to never rubbing their lips, nose or eyes with their unwashed hands.

Nutrition and Body-boosting to Fight Coronavirus

Mr. Museveni urged people to consume food to boost body troops (immune system).  As well as a portion of healthy food, sufficient amounts of vitamin C must be taken. Get folic acid and Vitamin B6 by consuming citrus fruits like; lemon, and ripe bananas to help the body’s nervous system.  Orange ascorbic acid makes the body develop and create immunity for the blood cells.

He credited his teacher, stating, “Rev. Justus Ruhiindi told us to use our left hand to accept Holy Communion bread, since 1959 when I was at my confirmation course. It is because the right-hand taints people with greetings.  61 years have elapsed by now. I reserve my left hand. That was long before any of these circumstances of Aids, Ebola, Coronavirus, etc. occurred. I use my rigth hand for greeting, opening locks, etc.”

“It was good advice. Ugandans need to do the same thing. Before cleaning, I never let my right-hand reach my left side.  And I don’t clap my hands. I typically beat the tables with the right hand I’ve been offering to the public all this time. I never allow my right hand to contaminate my left hand, which is exclusively for me.”

“Uganda is ready, otherwise. We have centers of separation. Since the first days of Ebola, we have long had the opportunity to check inside the region. We have some plants which supply sanitizers for our hands, and we will have more. Other factories are starting to manufacture masks of various kinds.”

The chloroquine that used to be in circulation in the 90s can do the trick to treat or reverse the effects of this deadly virus. Therefore, stock your homesteads with it.

However, prevention is better than cure. On the economic side, there is no question the epidemic will affect those industries like tourism, hotels, sports, entertainment, etc.  

Nevertheless, there will be a boost for other sectors like retail. The ban placement will last 32 days and not 30 days effective on 20th Friday.

21st March 2020, marked the 41st Anniversary of the defeat of Idi Amin’s forces at Rugando by the UPDF Force of 80 KJ, the Task Force BN and the Fronasa Forces. The president later, invited leaders of various faiths for National Prayers at Entebbe State House, that Saturday, 21st of March 2020.

He said, “The few of us will pray for our country, Uganda, together. The rest of you, pray in your homes. God will hear us. For God and My Country.”



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