Uganda Bans Littering Enacting a Fine of $540 to Offendors


Keeping a clean environment is one of the best things to do. Surprisingly, mankind has to be reminded of this all the time. That’s why the government of Uganda has enacted a new law regarding littering. The environment must be kept clean and sustainable all the time. Ugandans are subjected to a law of keeping the surroundings neat. The new law needs them to stop littering with immediate effect. Otherwise, they are liable to a $540 fine or a jail term of not less than a year. No one will be allowed to go scot-free even the slum dwellers. As long as one has a house, they are governed by this law. Failure to abide by it results in serious consequences. The government alongside the local governments will ensure that this law takes root. Uganda bans littering at such a time when garbage was the order of the day.

The cases which attract fines

There are various activities which will most likely put you at risk of facing the law. Physical Planning Amendment Act has laid out these activities as follows;

i) Lack of a garbage bin on your premises is a serious crime that attracts a fine. This is because it promotes the littering of the immediate environment.

ii) Failure to trim the grass around your residence is also another crime. Leaving the grass to grow recklessly around your house is a possible cause for a fine too. This is a sign of uncleanliness hence liable to punishment.

iii) Another scenario where Uganda’s littering fine takes cause is keeping your house unclean and untidy. Well, it might your personal space thus no right to be invaded but you ought to keep it tidy.

iv) Littering the environment while in a moving vehicle. This is also a serious offense that the government will fine.

v) Sugarcane loaders and vendors leaving heaps of garbage on the roadside. The latter are advised to make good use of the litter bins spread all over.

vi) Failure to indicate the name of your business in a signpost will also attract a fine. Ensure you state the location of the business and its name in visible initials. Uganda bans littering as well as disorganized business activities in the country.

Uganda’s Leadership on the topic

Speaking during a press release, the Minister of State for Urban Isaac Musumba confirmed that the responsibility of keeping watch on the law was for the chiefs. This is because they are on the ground and will easily monitor the activities of the people. However, it’s important to create public awareness of the law first. People need to be educated on the directive so that they can keep the law. Upon sensitizing them, now the government can roll out the fines since failure to adhere means ignorance.


The littering directive which was enacted recently by the government of Uganda will include all the people. Failure to keep the law means consequences must follow. For individual perpetrators, a fine of $540 which is equivalent to 2 million Ugandan shillings is enacted. Local governments that fail to implement the law have problems too. Their funding will be reduced until they show full compliance. However, implementing it means a reward is in reserve for the local governments.

The Bottom Line

It’s illegal to litter in Uganda. Whether you are in the streets or your own house, you are not allowed to litter. Indulging yourself in activities like running a business without garbage bins is punishable by law. Therefore, you need to check out the new law under the Physical Planning Amendment Act to familiarize yourself with the law. In so doing, you will be able to stay away from fines and jail terms. Uganda bans littering to create a better world that is safe to live on any day at any time.