Uganda Accuses US of Meddling in Their Internal Affairs


The Uganda elections have been in the limelight for the past week due to their elections. A lot of African countries have boldly participated in this exercise as part of their democracy. The coronavirus pandemic being a constant in most of these countries has not hindered democracy from the people. Uganda is no less a central African country in the East African region. For this reason,14th January served as a significant day to the Ugandans as they elected their president. The elections saw two rivals, Incumbent Yoweri Museveni and the famous artist Bobi Wine, battle in the presidential ballot papers. Nonetheless, Yoweri won the polls. However, there were many constraints in place, including Bobi Wines’ detention at his home after he cast his vote. The US ambassador afterward made attempts to visit him. An act that Uganda publicly accuses the US of subversion.

Events leading to Bobi Wine`s detention

After Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine alongside his wife, cast his vote on Thursday, he was put under house arrest. The opposition Presidency candidate took to social media that army officers surrounded his house. Moreover, visitors could not access Bobi as they were barred from reaching out.

This is not Wine`s first detention. Long before the elections, Bobi has had to face it rough with the authorities. According to the authorities, Bobi failed to adhere to the anti-covid measures to prevent the virus’s further spread. Four days into the detention, Bobi is seen asking for food supplies after running out. Apparently, the security won’t allow his wife to get food supplies, nor would they help deliver some to them.

According to the security, they had earlier stated that they were providing security to Bobi Wine. Ensuring that he is exposed to no harm as a result of the elections. Later, it was disclosed that Wine`s house arrest was necessary to prevent further protests from erupting after the election results announcement.

US Ambassador`s Visit

On Monday, Natalie E. Brown, US Ambassador, visited the suburbs, in the Northern outskirts. That is Bobi Wine`s residence. She was met with a disturbing welcome that denied her to complete her visit to the opposition leader. According to Natalie, she was concerned about the well-being of Robert and his family. This was because the opposition leader has been for days failed to leave his home.

Uganda`s response to US visit to Bobi Wine

Ofwono Opondo, Uganda`s government spokesman in his statement, expressed the country`s disappointment to the US. Opondo stated that Natalie was only meddling in the internal affairs, particularly the election process. Opondo states that her actions are in the effort of subverting the elections and the people`s will.

He further disclosed the records of Natalie in other states before. In his statement, Opondo assumes Natalie is a threat, and thus the government is taking a keen observance on her from henceforth. Opondo further advises Natalie to stick to her diplomatic norms and responsibilities and nothing more.

US response on Uganda elections

The US embassy has given it remarks concerning the Uganda elections. According to the US Embassy, Uganda elections have been nothing short of harassment on the opposition candidates. This was followed by taking media rights from the Uganda people with a lockdown on social media access.



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