Two White Rhinos Killed by a Lorry in Zambian Park.

Nothern White Rhinos

Two white Rhinos were killed by a speeding lorry in the mosi-oa-tunya national park in Southern Zambia.The two rare rhinos suffered serious injuries when hit on Tuesday night on the Livingstone kazungula Road that passes through the park.

One of the rhinos was an adult female called Lubinda and the other was a young male named Romeo.

The Fate of the two white Rhinos.

Romeo suffered a suspected fractured spine and he died soon after being sedated for treatment while Lubinda died on the spot.

“The rareness and uniqueness of this species is what brings more tourists to our parks. During the poaching scourge experienced in the late 1980s and the early 1990s, the rhino species were completely wiped out in Zambia. So this is the very sad event for us,” said the spokesperson for Zambian tourism ministry.

Precautions to be taken.

Zambia’s tourism ministry spokesperson, Zack kalembwe said that the tourism ministry was in the process of finding ways to protect animals from vehicles in national parks.

  • There should be speed bumps on Animal Crossing points within the park.
  • Drivers should adhere to speed limits as they drive through national parks.
  • Also, visible signs should be erected at roadsides to alert drivers animals are crossing around the area.
  • The drivers should be more cautious when on the road.

Mr. Kalembwe also added that the driver of the lorry is in police custody.

At the time the rhinos were hit, the mother Lubinda was put to the side of the landing area. Whereas the calf, Romeo stayed in the middle of the road sitting on its rear legs.


Efforts were made by park staff to give treatment without hesitation. They called for help from the Victoria Falls Wildlife Trust of Zimbabwe who crossed the fringe in the night in the journey to spare the two individuals from the rare species.

Mr. Kalembwe said the Department is drawing up enactment planned for managing matters of street slaughters in national stops particularly when high worth species are involved.