Two Main Reasons Why Mbadi Was Booed At MP Doris Burial

for his words toward the Vice President William Ruto.

John Mbadi is the national assembly minority leader. He attended the Msambweni MP burial ceremony in Gazi, Kwale County, where mourners booed him for his words toward the Vice President William Ruto. The late Dori was a close friend to the DP, and he remembers him as a competent leader who pushed for equality for all Kenyan citizens, especially for the people of the Coastal region. Here will capture some of the reasons why the mourners’ booed Mr. Mbadi. Do not miss this since we always keep you updated.

Disrespected the vice President

As per the news, the Suba South MP accused the office of the Vice President of corruption and criminal act. He said that the Deputy President’s office is full of criminals. It pretty an accusation and that may cause him some problems. Furthermore, he says that as per the constitution, the office is supposed to serve citizens with honor and dignity. As soon as he continues to talk, it is noted that some of the leaders ordered him to be quiet. The crowd also booed him because of his remarks.

It was a drama, I tell you. Reporters say it was too much because Vanga MCA decided to handle things physically, but the other leaders came to rescue. Of course, you do not disrespect the Vice President and expect to get away with it so quickly, but the camera caught him apologizing by the use of gestures.

The Vanga MCA Yusuph Mbwana says the MP was very disrespectful to the Vice President and the Dori family. He urged everyone to take it easy, bury their friend and not condemn each other. It is not good at all to bring politics in burial ceremonies. Remember, our young generation will follow what their leaders do. So if you are a leader, try your best to be a role model to them and not show how disrespectful you can be to the Deputy President.

Lack of honor to Doris Family

As per the news, MP Mbadi fails to honor the diseased Family by bringing politics to the ceremony. It is common sense you should respect the burial ceremony you attend and pass your regards to the ailing.

Governor Salim Mvurya disagreed with Mr. Mbadi’s actions as he says it is not healthy to bring politics to burial places. He also urges the congregation to focus on burial since it is the main agenda. Amason Kingi also warns leaders about practicing politics at such sites. Mr. Kingi says the Dori Family deserves respect as they have the right.


It was a significant loss for the people of Coastal as they lost a hardworking, fearless, focused, and loving leader. Rest in peace, Suleiman Dori. Indeed will miss his ability to improve lives, firmness, and counsel and incomparable love for all Kenyans. Suleiman was a great leader, not forgetting how hardworking, committed, and dedicated he was; therefore, he deserved the right to be honored. It does not matter if you attended the burial ceremony or not send your condolences because we lost a role model.