Tunisia Elects New President.

I know you might be wondered where the Republic of Tunisia is located on the surface of the earth amidst the continents of the world and her president.

Tunisia is a North African country bordering the Mediterranean Sea and Sahara desert with Islam as their major religion.

Alright now that you know that Tunisia is an African country, it practices a unitary semi-presidential representative democratic republic with the Prime Minister as the head of the government and the president as head of state.  the only fully democratic sovereign nation among the Arabic speaking nations in Africa.

Tunisia’s Election.

A candidate who is qualified for presidential elections is directly elected by universal suffrage using the two-round system. Any candidate who receives the majority of the votes is put on a second round until there is a winner.

In Tunisia for you to be qualified to contest for any political position ypu have to be one;

  • 1. A Muslim.
  • 2. He must be at least 35 years old.
  • 3. Tunisian Citizenship and must give up any other citizenship if you possess any.

Quite a few numbers of candidates were approved for the presidential position, somewhere rejected and there where those who declined to run.

Highlights Of Tunisia’s Election;

These are some of the events that took place before the presidential election. In every nation, there is always a sequence of events that comes before a major election. such as campaigns /rallies.

In Tunisia, a presidential candidate Nabil Karoui age 56. According to Aljazeera was detained in August, before the first round of the presidential election for money laundering. He was later released from prison after a month before Sunday’s second runoff election. It must have been a tough time for Nabil Karoui because his arrest may have caused some hindrance to his campaign strategies. Nevertheless, his supporters were excited to have him released in good health for the elections. This was the major event that presided the 2019 elections in Tunisia.

Tunisia Elects New President;

President Kais Saied an independent law professor was declared a winner after receiving 72.7 percent votes, on Monday 14 October 2019. This means he received 2.7 million votes against one million votes received by his opponent. Kais is  61 years old and the 6th president of Tunisia. The electoral commission said turn out stood at 55% higher than the first round on September 15. They also confirmed President Kais Saieds victory.

He was a conservative law professor who had been a Tunisia university lecturer. He taught constitutional law for decades before he retired in 2018. His victory over a business tycoon, who is also a charismatic media magnet, shows that there is a revolution going on in Tunisia. Thousands of people took to the streets to celebrate Kais victory as songs of joy filled their hearts. I could imagine how exciting it could be to get what you so desire.

Tunisians Expectation;

Expectations are high just as their excitement. They can not wait to see their long-awaited dream of revolution coming to pass under the leadership of President Kais Saied.

The Tunisia President has promised to put an end to corruption and support decentralization. They hope Kais would be a fair president to his people since the election was free and fair. Tunisians expect this 5 years journey they have embarked with President Kais Saied would be a smooth sail.