Triplets Ghetto Kids Saved From Eviction

Triplets Ghetto Kids during a photoshoot

Triplets Ghetto kids are a group of 3 girls and six boys that come from Uganda’s capital, Kampala. They are a group of dancers ranging from ages 6 and 17. The members of the group were homeless orphaned children who found happiness in dancing. The dancers became popular from their first performance on their fellow Ugandan Eddy Kenzo’s “sitya loss”.

Their lives took an interesting turn when they appeared in French Montana and Swae Lee’s “unforgettable” music video. The dancing group has since then found hope for life out of the slums. They were featured on Jimmy Fallon and the BET Awards.

Rise to fame of  Triplets Ghetto kids.

They are a humble group that hails from the slums. some of them had no means of going to school since their parents had no source of income. they depend on well-wishers and odd jobs to help them raise money to attend school. It wasn’t until they featured in French Montana’s music video that they rose to fame and had a chance to better their lives.

The groups’ manager Kavuma Dauda then announced that they would be performing with French at the Grammys in 2018. In 2016 they won the Best Dance Act at the UK’s Black Entertainment Film, Fashion, Television and Arts (BEFFTA)

KSh3 million debt

The triplets ghetto kids live in a multi-million house in Makindiye. They had deposited part of the money but had a balance that had to be offset by the end of November last year. The landlord had given them time to pay off the balance but they were not able to meet the deadline.

They had requested French Montana to help them and he sent 70 Million but that was still not enough. They decided to start a fund drive dubbed “help save the triplets ghetto kids house” all this happening amidst them losing their YouTube and Facebook accounts to hackers.

The house was the only asset they had out of their sweat so it was a sad time for them.

Saved by the parliament

The triplets ghetto kids had pledged the parliament to help them not lose their house. They did this at the end of the year 2019. Their action had received many critics with some of them discouraging them that the parliament could not deliver but they had not lost hope.

Through the house speaker, Kadaga; she marshaled MPs to contribute money for the group. The speaker also reached out to the president of Uganda Museveni to chip in. This is because their plight was a concern for all.

In January, just a month after the landlord had issued the group with an eviction notice, the MPs made contributions up to ugx 114 million. This was 392,204 more than the expected amount. The extra money was to cater for the welfare of the triplets ghetto kids.

The group was accorded the cheque in a ceremony and the landlord was to be given the money in the presence of the beneficiaries. Finally, the dancers can rest easy and enjoy their stay in their multi-million house.