Tribal fighting in Darfur kills at least 20


According to reports from Sudanese medics published on Friday. At least 22 people were shot and killed in West Darfur state in the previous week.

The massacre at Forbaranga is the most recent incident of growing tribal strife in West Darfur and adjacent Sudan.

Tensions rose after a peace deal in 2020 and a coup in October 2021. The Rapid Support Forces is a paramilitary organization, and continuous conflicts between the army and them may result in an increase in bloodshed and instability.

The war between Masalit and Arab tribes has driven 20,000 people to flee their homes. According to the United Nations. Some even made the perilous trek into Chad.

According to the Sudanese Doctors’ Central Committee. The local hospital was forced to shut down due to a lack of security.



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