Tracking Africa’s coronavirus cases


Scientists in the world are working their level best gathering information about the novel virus and the threats it might pose. They are comparing their efforts trying to find a suitable vaccine for the virus. Coronavirus poses economic and health crises, crippling our economy, and many dying from it. As of now, no continent is safe from corona except for two countries, Comoros and Lesotho.

The Wuhan virus was declared a global pandemic a bit late. Because already potent carriers from China were traversing the world infecting people. Unfortunately, the virus spread to Africa, precisely Egypt being first.

situation in Africa amid the Coronavirus

The situation in Egypt amongst other African states isn’t any better. The number of positive cases has increased to 4092. However, since it has spread to many African states, everyone is worried. Especially since most of these countries are under-developed with the weakened health system. And also, some west African states are prone to civil war which hinders attempts to control the virus. Regardless, most of the governments have imposed draconian measures.

In a continent of over one billion people, only Comoros and Lesotho have no corona cases. As of now, the total number of people who have tested positive for the virus is more than 29953. They have also confirmed 8364 recoveries and 1297 deaths.

Most African governments have imposed Draconian measures

Governments across Africa are reinstating stringent prevention and containment measures especially as the virus is taking a modest toll. Businesses have come to a standstill in major parts of different countries. They have imposed a dusk to dawn curfews, lockdowns, closure of borders, and banned international travels. Although there are challenges, they remain strong to curb the novel virus.

Despite some economies crumbling and some religious activists demanding to continue with their rituals normally. For instance, the virus has inconvenienced Ramadan celebrations and most Muslims are unhappy about the turn of events.

Meanwhile, reports from World Health Organization reveal that Africa is not in a position to handle coronavirus in case of a pandemic. The Agency states they have limited access to health care services, inclusive of inadequate staff. Hence Africa cannot afford a pandemic. AS such the agency endorses that African governments stay focused to bring their states in track.

Precautionary measures

Currently, most African states are advocating for the relevance of social distancing, sanitizing, and staying indoors through media. Especially because there are asymptomatic spreaders there is a need to keep at least a one-meter distance from others. This way we control the spread. Similarly, there is a need for surgical masks. They keep people safe from contaminated environments since corona is an invisible contaminant.

Most impressive of all, there are tanks of jerricans of water and soap to sanitize. Even in the refugee camps and slums of Africa. A rather encouraging gesture. To control the spread, health officers in the continent are conducting mass screening tests. This is to help identify persons with the virus.

What help is Africa receiving to contain the virus

WHO has distributed protective equipment to African states amid the pandemic? Although most of this country are experiencing a shortage, some of the developed countries like China have stepped in to aid with masks and experienced personnel. Also, billionaires like Dangote have made contributions to help with the crippling economy. At least as of now African states have prepared quarantine facilities and have just enough medical team to handle the situation.




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