Tourist attractions in Cape Town that you didn’t know existed

Tourist attractions in Cape Town that you didn't know existed

Situated at the heart of South Africa, Cape Town is a magnificent city that has astounding tourist attractions you never knew existed. The city gives a panoramic view of its neighboring suburbs. This is especially when you are at the summits of the mountains therein. Below are some of the spectacular tourist attractions you will find in Cape Town.

Table Mountain

Standing at 1087 meters (3563 ft.), this mountain inhabits flora and fauna of various kinds. For example baboons, caracals and beautiful flowers (more than 1470 flower species; making it the biggest floral kingdom in the globe). Table Mountain National Park is situated inside this mountain. The biodiversity at this park is out of this world   At the summit of Table Mountain is a gorgeous view of the Robben Island, Atlantic seaport at the north, and Cape Town city. Sandstone and slates feature in this mountain at the seaside of the city-forming the northern end of Cape Peninsula.

Also, if you want to climb at the Peak of Table Mountain but you are in a hurry, you can use cableway. The cableway is a shortened route to the summit. It ensures you reach the top fast to enjoy the breathtaking view at the peak. At the top, it’s pretty cold. Therefore, be sure to put on a sweater. Ideally, the cableway will let you reach the peak (covering a distance of 1244 meters) in just 7 minutes. At times, a type of clouds called ‘tablecloth’ envelops the vicinity of the mountain. But when it clears visitors can view the summit comfortably. To best enjoy hiking Table Mountain, always book your tickets online via the Table Mountain website. This helps you get to clarify the best route to take.

  1. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

This astounding garden is the most famous of the nine botanical gardens in South Africa. In 2015, International Gardens Tourism Awards Body declared it as the ‘’International Garden of the Year”. Within this garden that inhabits hundreds of flower species. “Boomslang” which is a splendid treetop canopy walkway that was named as the most beautiful sight in South Africa at the 2015 Design Indaba. Kirstenbosch garden contains thousands of native South African plant species like shrubs, flowers, and trees. They are arranged in an eye-catching manner. This gives the garden blossoms throughout the year. Of historical regard are the wild almond trees planted by Jan Van Riebeeck in 1660 and camphor and fig trees planted by Cecil Rhodes in 1898. The amazing scents of the garden, the cycads, and the treetops shades will give you a time of your life as you enjoy the panoramic views of this mountain-backed botanical garden.

  1. Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

VA waterfront was once a fishing ground but today it is one of the most attractive sites in the Cape Town’s tourism. The waterfront is named after British Queen Victoria and her youngest son Alfred who first gave out the first stones of the waterfront. Visitors from all walks of life flock this waterfront every year. They enjoy the shops, restaurants, amphitheatres, aquariums, art galleries, and the museums to get a feel of South African life. Visitors are also privileged to encounter marine life creatures, predator exhibits, and diving experiences in the surrounding waters of the Atlantic and Indian oceans. The Cape of Good Hope is also best viewed from this location.

  1. Robben Island

This is more of a historical site than a tourist exploration due to the past associated with it. It’s a place where 400 years ago, blacks were incarcerated during the apartheid rule. The most historic icon who once served a jail term for 18 years here was Nelson Mandela. Tourists flock Robben Island to witness Africa’s hero cell. It saw him search for the people’s freedom from the British teeth. Don’t forget to pick a ferry at Victoria and Alfred waterfront that will take you here. Another amazing thing about the island is that the guides were the former prisoners. Therefore they give experiences as they happened during that time. The caves where the prisoners would work on hard labour are also a must-see in Robben Island.

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