Top Five Reason Why Radio Remains to be Africa’s Best Tool

Radio as main source of news in Africa
Radio as main source of news in Africa

Radio is among the oldest means of communication. With the emergence of the internet and new technologies, many thought uses of radio will be undermined. However, this has not been the case, more so in Africa. Internet serves its role in mass communication mainly, but radio still does its intended cause, especially at the community level and for the localities. Reasons why the radio remains to be Africa’s best tool still puzzle many. However, the article will take you through some of them.

Radio offers a wider Reach

Whether for the urban or local audience, radio has always had something for all. Depending on print media or the internet, print media and the internet might not be viable means of communication. This is because many Africans are still struggling with illiteracy and are low-income earners. Most of the population is in rural areas as well. You find that most of these interior places do not support internet coverage. Hence the need for having a radio of which if it does not, ignorance will thrive in the area.

Public broadcasting radio has helped in empowerment as well as sensitization and empowerment of social matters and specific health issues. The public broadcast in those remote areas has been of positive results. It has gone to the extent of enlightenment and beyond awareness in making life easy for the community and people. Amina, who is a niger citizen in support of public radio, said that “When my husband lost a camel, the family would have to stop what we were doing and go look for it.”

Cultural Preservations

Africa is taking up the challenge of promotion and preservation of cultural values in the wake of evading the globalization. Radio is the most effective means of achieving this. It’s a bankable media tool for this cause. Foor some tribes that have speculations that they are fast going extinct, and the device that is used to help them remain is radio. This is through segments and shows that have culture-inspired topics. They often anchored in comfortable and familiar languages.

Radios are cheaply available

With your solar-powered radio or transistor, you are already set to get information as it comes. This is why radion is the most common household item in both low income and high-income earners home. For example, you find that most of the cattle grazers usually carry their radios in handly wherever they go to graze. Communication is not only practical but also the cheapest means of transferring information. Unlike using the internet, the receiver does not need data or electricity, which is lacking in most of the areas.


The operations of radio broadcasting are usually under the regulatory body.  The idea is not to infringe on the freedom of the press but to act as their watchdog. The body holds them accountable in case of any misconduct. The radio does of informing people is quite vast as well as a sensitive business.this is especially in this era of hate speech and spread of fake news on the internet due to social media platforms. Radio, however, has no room for unsubstantiated claims.

Actual and Active Interaction

Communication is always a two-way affair. There are a giver and receiver of the message. Its frequent interaction and it is best when feedback is given back. Radio gives the listeners the chance to give back their views and opinions as well through calls during the shows.  The most significant difference between radio feedback and social media feedback Is the human factor.

In conclusion, it is clear that do not stage you in a spot in it the case with social media. You can get the information you want while still doing your usual businesses.The best part of the radio is that it does not stage you to a spot like social media. You could get your information without being interrupted, whether driving, eating, walking around the house, cooking, doing laundry, or even waiting for your cattle to graze.

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