Top 3 Cars Manufactured in Africa by Africans for Africa

Africa made cars
Africa made cars

Did you know Africa has beautiful cars produced locally? Over the past years, Africa has never been a producer but a consumer of cars produced abroad. Almost all the fancy cars you see on the road came from overseas and got their way in your city. The high dependence in the foreign cars is almost alarming as you see a massive number of vehicles imported yearly. Last year, the number of vehicles imported to Africa countries was at 2 million new machines. Owning a car is everyone’s dream – It is one of those promises younger age, and at one point in life, you are going to own a car. Excellent Africa made cars are here for you!

The good news that Africa made cars are now available in our local markets.

  1. The Innoson Cars made in Nigeria

The Innoson car is proudly made by Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company. The company runs under by Dr. Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma. This is the very first company to produce cars in Nigeria.

For a long time now, Innoson Company has been manufacturing many luxury cars. Trucks and mini buses, locally consumed and in other African countries. The company has released over 500 manufactured vehicles for sale in the market. The cost of buying this machine ranges from N 1.5 to N 3.5 million, which is expensive according to many Nigerian citizens. The company, however, says that in the next few years, everyone will be able to buy a new car at a reduced cost—pricing at approximately N 1.5 million, which is $ 4500 in the international market.

About Innoson Cars

  • Price friendly and built for Nigerian roads
  • Highly modern and luxurious car
  • Has three years engine, gear and axle’s consumer warranty
  • All vehicles work perfectly for any need of car users in Nigeria.


  1. Kantanka Made in Ghana

Have you seen this excellent car in your city? Probably yes. Many Africans are already enjoying the luxury of this Ghana-made machine, and they are proud of it. The Kantanka cars are available for sale and exist in a variety of colors and models. The company is located in Gomoa Mpota in the Central province of Ghana.

The engineer behind this invention is the famous businessman Apostle Kwadwo Safo. He is the founder of the Kantanka Group of Companies. He also owns the Apostle Safo School of Arts and Science in Ghana. Kwadwo designed and produced this car right in Ghana. The car is very luxurious, well-built, and incredible looks excellent among all the car models made in Africa.

The Kantanka cars are for Ghana’s local area roads, are affordable, and as a matter of fact, almost match the car models imported from China or Japan. Kantankta vehicles range between GHS 70,000 – GHS 170 000 depending on the model of your choice.

  1. Ugandan Made – The Kiira EV Smack

Kiira EV Smack is an electric car model made by Kiira Motors Corporation. In what started as engineer student invention in building the car, the outcome is commendable, and now they have the support from the National government.

This car model is an upgraded version of the former car, The Kiira Prototype. The vehicle is unique and affordable, and environment-friendly uses electricity or diesel. This is probably the first African electric car!


Africa continent has genius minds almost in every sector, from agriculture, technology, and vehicle production. The three cars made it on our list considering their uniqueness and style of output, not to mention other vehicles manufactured in other African countries. We have Mobius Motors producing excellent cars in Kenya. These are special milestones Africa has achieved in making the continent higher! Soon enough, Africa will be on top with the superpowers!



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