Togo’s Election Buzz: Parties Hit the Streets of Lome for Voter Support

Togo's Election Buzz: Parties Hit the Streets of Lome for Voter
Calm as Togo votes in presidential election

Togo’s Election Buzz: Parties Hit the Streets of Lome for Voter Support

The launch of the electoral campaign for Togo’s legislative and regional elections has brought forth contrasting narratives and heightened political tensions within the country.

The Alliance Nationale pour le Changement (ANC), an opposition party, commenced its campaign with vigor, organizing a lively caravan through the streets of Lomé. Against the backdrop of ongoing protests over the government’s constitutional changes, the ANC and other opposition parties have emphasized the importance of these elections in challenging what they perceive as a consolidation of power by the ruling regime.

For Jean-Pierre Fabre, President of the ANC, the campaign represents an opportunity to resist attempts at a “permanent power grab” and assert the people’s will. Similarly, the Forces Démocratiques Républicaines (FDR) viewed the elections as a means to voice discontent and hold the government accountable for its actions, particularly regarding constitutional amendments.

Conversely, supporters of the ruling Union pour la République (UNIR) party have also taken to the streets to rally support. Led by figures like Gilbert Bawara, the UNIR emphasizes the need to maintain the confidence and support of the Togolese people while promising to address their concerns.

The electoral landscape is marked by over 2,000 candidates from various political parties and independents competing for seats in legislative and regional councils. With just two weeks to engage with the electorate, candidates face the task of persuading approximately 4 million voters ahead of the scheduled vote on April 29th.

The outcome of these elections will not only determine the composition of Togo’s legislative and regional bodies but also reflect the Togolese people’s broader political dynamics and aspirations amidst ongoing protests and calls for change.


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