Three ways to improve your chances against Corona virus

Three ways to improve your chances against Corona virus
Three ways to improve your chances against Corona virus

According to the news, it is clear that this has been one of the hardest months. Everyone is aware of the Corona virus outbreak. Despite our efforts, the virus is still spreading around the globe. People are yearning for ways to contain the virus, although some feel like it is an out of control situation. The outbreak has led many to panic. Furthermore, working places and schools are lock down.

Now everyone feels vulnerable to the virus, but let us not feel so hopeless after all, there are ways to ensure you reduce the risk of getting infected. Here are several ways to boost your chances of surviving Covid-19.

Take public health measures as much as you can

Do not be helpless to Corona virus safety starts with you; ensure you observe general health measures to reduce the chances of getting infected. Taking public health measures includes social distancing, avoiding large gatherings, and washing hands often. Furthermore, the health ministry urges us to keep public health measures with the use of sanitizers. Always, prevention is the better cure. Ensure you maximize your health condition before getting sick.

For instance, at public gatherings, it is hard to tell who is infected and who is not. It is the same reason you have to stay indoors. Almost all learning institutions, including colleges and universities, have been closed indefinitely as well since the virus is spreading faster.

Acquire medicine if you are sick from a different disease  

Take your prescription if you are suffering from any other illness to strengthen your immune system. As per the research done, people aging over sixty years and those with problems like obesity, lung disease, cardiac disease, and diabetes are at-risk. For instance, if you have any of these problems, ensure you maintain public health measures and make sure you are consistent with the prescribed medicine. Besides, a healthy diet, exercise, weight loss, and good sleep are appropriate for your body. Do not be ignorant; a slight improvement on your health can be the difference between life and death.

Isolate yourself if infected

Although isolation feels like abandoning, it is one of the measures to help us contain this virus. If the infected do not come to contact with the healthy, finally, the virus will be held. In addition, if you realize any symptoms, consult your doctor or get to the nearest health center for a check-up. Remember, a sneeze direct to your face is what it takes to get the Covid-19.


Although the Corona virus is a significant threat to humankind, we did not come this far to die, let us not lose hope. Make sure you maintain your health as much as you can since it is a pivotal aspect to propel us to safety.

Furthermore, we should not panic about the outbreak, play your part as advised by the Worlds Health Organization, and we will conquer. Fear will not save us, but our determination and focus to prevent the spread will.