Three Main Reasons Why Zambian Mayor Is Fired

three reasons why Zambian Mayor was fired
three reasons why Zambian Mayor was fired

African countries consider the president wife as the mother of the state. First ladies always play an essential role in the government as well as serve the president of the country. Although the majority of countries in Africa do not provide the position of the First Ladies, some value it very much.

The African ladies have come together to form organizations to meet women health needs and laws to empower girls. The board is no other but the Organization of Africans First Ladies Development (OAFLAD). All Africans should respect the first ladies. Christopher Kangombe, the Zambian Mayor, chose a different path; here are the cases:

He Failed To Greet the Zambian first lady

As per the latest news, the Zambian city mayor has is detached from the office of the leading party Patriotic Front (Pf) following his actions. He was the PFs junior- chairman of the Copper belt Province, but at the moment stripped off the title. Christopher Kangombe turns down greetings from the president’s wife. Reporters said that he refused to line up to acknowledge the first lady as soon as she attended the neighborhood church function.

Refusal of Introduction

The reporters say that he also refused to be introduced by the Zambian First Lady, Mrs. Lungu. Daily Mail reports that he also refused to sit as per the arrangements. The First Lady offers Mr kangombe a back seat, but he sees himself worthy enough not to sit at the back. It’s not a good idea to reject guidelines from the president’s wife as it is equal to disobeying the presidents’ commands.

Pulling Away From Convoy

As per daily mail news, Mr. Kangombe is also disrespectful to the first lady for the reason that as soon as the official convoy started, he chose to pull away from the procession and drive away. The Mayor shows how disrespectful he can be to the president’s wife. He fails to follow the protocol and the tradition of the Zambian government.

As a Mayor of the city, he should have played his part well even if he may be in disagreement with the first lady Mrs. Lungu. The BBC reporters tried their best to talk to the Mayor, but all was in vain. BBC says they decided to call Mr. Kangombe, but he never answered the messages as well as the calls.


Protocol is an essential aspect of the government since it ensures order; everyone plays his or her part. As a leader and Mayor, you should be able to follow commands from your superiors. It’s a sign of being respectful.

Besides, it would help if he did not pull away from your first lady, convoy. Please do not be that disrespectful. It really hurts the offended. It is good to always picture yourself in the same situation before defying other people’s instructions. Remember, leaders portray an example to the young ones and as a head you should bare role model characteristics. Let’s build Africa together, no matter the gender or challenges we face.