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Will Economizing The United States Troops Risk Africa’s Security?

The United States is to reduce its troops throughout Africa. This will help U.S. to focus more on responding to Russian and Chinese threats. General Milley said France hosted Sahel leaders to promote fighting the jihadists in the region.

US Military Officer
“The United States wants to reduce its military presence in Africa,” said Washington’s top Military Officer. A photo by Stephanie Leblanc on Upsplash.

The announcement follows  Donald Trump’s call for NATO to do more in the Middle East. It comes at a time when Emmanuel Macron, gathers his colleagues in the french speaking countries.

United States Army
Washington has about 7,000 Special Forces on rotation in Africa. Photo by bao-menglong-Upsplash.

General Milley, Chairman of the U.S. Joint Staff Chiefs, says, “Resources could be decreased and transferred.” It will either enhance force readiness in the mainland or the Pacific

Milley said the defense secretary, Mark Esper, had not thought about the improvements he would make. The secretary was in Brussels for talks with NATO counterparts. “Together with our allies and partners, we are creating strategies for the secretary,” he said.

“I hope to reassure President Trump that the fight against terrorism is also taking place in this area. For us, that would be bad news if the Americans chose to leave Africa,” Macron said.

13 French soldiers were killed in a helicopter collision in Mali last month. As a result, france increased its military presence to 4500. Consequently, Macron won public support from the Sahel leaders. He had subsequently vowed to deploy 200 more soldiers to the Sahel.

The Sahel countries also hoped Washington would continue to support it in the fight against Islamist extremists.

French Concerns

Washington also has national anti-jihad authorities in Africa. They are engaged in joint operations particularly in Somalia. Around 2,000 troops are carrying out training missions. Additionally, they are jointly active in 40 African states. It is true of France’s Operation Barkhane in Mali for the logistical assistance they receive.

The US air Force
The United States has put in place surveillance and air-to-air refueling. A photo by Curioso on Upsplash

One alternative is to shut down a drone base in Agadez in northern Niger. Moreover, it was providing America with an active forum for monitoring in the Sahel. Milley said there were no decisions yet.

He insisted Washington would not entirely pull out of Africa. “Economizing troops doesn’t mean zero,” he said. Nonetheless, French officials are in shock. The United States has put in place “Implacable” contributions to the Sahel operations.

“We can’t get these from other partners, especially intelligence,” said the President. Paris will share its concerns with the United States “at all stages,” the source added.

This week, NATO military leaders will hold a meeting to discuss the future of the Alliance training mission in Iraq. The United States has halted the training in Baghdad . This was due to security concerns following the assassination of Iran’s high-ranking General Qasem Soleimani.

US Military Officer
The Iraqi Parliament voted to expel foreign troops. Photo by Jan Abellan on Uplsplash.


The Iraqi Parliament voted to expel foreign troops on 5th January. It includes 5200 US forces that have helped local troops to defeat the organization of Islamic State. It frustrated Trump and cast doubt on the international operations there.

“I don’t have any assurances for the future and can’t make any decisions in government. I can only say what our strategy is now and what our intentions are at the moment. My current advice from the Defense Secretary and the President is we are going to stay in Iraq,” said Milley.







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