The Sahel: Key Things to Know as Security Crisis Spirals

The Sahel: Key Things to Know as Security Crisis Spirals

Sahel region stretches from Senegal on the Atlantic coast through parts in Mali, Mauritius, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Sudan to Eritrea on the Red sea coast. However, the Sahel region has been prone to sophisticated attacks. The crises in West Africa’s Sahel region seem to deteriorate. As a result, thousands of French, UN and African troupes have been deployed to secure the region.

What leads to the uncontrolled violence upsurge?

According to Marie, CEO, and president of Africa’s international media, the source of the problem was an invasion by the foreign troupe i.e. the French. In an attempt to intervene and save Bamako, the capital to the Malian empire. As their goal was to stop the jihadis and reinforce Mali’s military capacity. However, in the process to do so, the Malian empire felt dysfunctional. As such, there was a huge distrust. The Malians felt as if the French came to their country for their interests, to solve their security situation. This is because these terror attacks would in the future result in Malians migrating to France. Hence, they decided to try preventing it. Nonetheless, due to lack of trust among the two nations, the affiliates and al-Qaida’s had time to strengthen up.

What are some reported impacts?

As such these terror strikes have worsened as Sahel’s vast area has seen a sharp rise in the attacks. With majority of targets being the civilians. Countries such as Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, and Nigeria have suffered worst attacks. For instance, on one of the attacks launched in the Sahel,71 Niger soldiers succumbed. While on another occasion,1000 civilians were killed and as a result, many forced to evacuate to the camps.

Moreover, more than 700000 people have died while thousands forced to evacuate their homes in Burkina Faso, Nigeria, and Mali. Besides, schools have also been closed. The two main groups behind these atrocities are Isil and al Qaeda. Though others include; Boko haram, Ansarul Islam and Jim.

Desperate times call for desperate measures

Leaders from the most affected countries (G-five) teamed up to find quick solutions as the terrorists are becoming real war professionals with sophisticated weapons. The G-five chairman appealed for a new strategy. The members also agreed to collaborate to improve the cooperation between the national forces. Furthermore, they paid their respects to the dead 200 soldiers they lost in the battle.

Why has it been so difficult to contain the violence

Looming conflicts in the region. The Sahel countries are exposed to lots of social issues that are left unsolved. For instance, the conflicts between pastoralists and farmers. Ethnic division and poverty enable easier recruiting to the terror groups hence strengthening their forces. There is also the issue of lack of security at the local level. As such the terrorists have easier access e.g. the Boko haram in Nigeria. Furthermore, there is a lack of empowerment for the G-five forces. For instance, they have Inadequate weapons.




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