The reason lawyers are fighting the Kenya-US trade agreement.

The reason lawyers are fighting the Kenya-US trade agreement.
The reason lawyers are fighting the Kenya-US trade agreement.

Kenya and the United States governments have recently settled into an arrangement in trade. According to the reporters, the two states have come up with a Kenya Free Trade Agreement (FTA). It has not been long since the agreement. Notably, two Kenyan lawyers, Emily Osiemo and Christopher Ayieko are already opposing the deal set between the two countries. At the moment, the two lawyers have filed a petition to challenge the Kenya government from signing the FTA arrangement.

The case has been presented at the East African Court of integrity. The two lawyers have accused the Kenyan president. Uhuru Kenyatta government of going against the East African Community truce as well as protocols. They are concerned about the legality of the arrangement. Besides, according to them, the proposed free trade agreement is null, invalid, and illegal.

Appropriate gaze at to the trade law

Following the argument of the two lawyers evident in their filed case; they suggest that Kenya should be restricted from importing wheat from American states including Idaho, Washington as well as Oregon. They say that the Kenyan government failed to provide the necessary truth on the suggested agreement. Furthermore, the two say that the government has violated the East Africa Community protocol used for trade-related deals certification.

They did not settle for less as they accused the government of going against the board, which gives the order to establish a standard market procedure and customs union. The two lawyers are arguing that the government should have considered consulting the East Africa community board before coming to an agreement with the United States on the Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

Identification of those involved            

As per the latest news, the Kenyan exporters as well as importers will soon have to identify the companies or individuals responsible for receiving and sending packages around the globe. According to the reporters, more than nineteen agencies took place in the drafting of the filed case on illegal transactions.  The lawyers are determined to bring transparency inside the shipping industry. Besides, they said that the need to bring openness to the sector would require banks and several financial institutions.

They are confident that the transactions used in receiving or sending money in the industry can be used for illegal purposes. Agencies led by the ministry of interior say they are ready to fight the unlawful actions. ( shipping of narcotics, weapons, fake drugs, and wildlife parts) The Central Bank of Kenya Governor, Patrick Njoroge says that the criminal activities going on in the industry is endangering the Kenya economy. He also adds that in future banks will have to know its customers before completing any transactions to ensure there are minimal obstructions in doing trade.


Maybe we should give the Kenyan President the benefit of the doubt. Although it is good to be transparent, perhaps sometimes what it takes to pull out a great deal is doing it surprisingly.  As we seek transparency, it good to have a look on the other side of the situation but not coming to an inevitable conclusion. Trust is all we need to get through this situation.




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