The Kenyan Designer Giving Masks to Curb Corona Virus Spread

A Kenyan Local Designer Free Masks
free face masks

A Kenyan local designer by the name David Ochieng is doing a commendable job during the Covid-19 crisis. This gentle man was born and brought up in what is known to be the biggest slum in Africa, Kibera. When the Corona Virus was announced on 17th March 2020, David had to think of hiw he could offer help. He didn’t mind even if he would impact the humanity in a smaller way. His contribution to the world during this difficult time is remarkable.

The designer has made many face masks that he distributes freely to the people. He also sacrifices his time to teach them on how to use them. On top of that, David makes it a priority to educate the populace on the benefits of the masks in an effort to curb the spread of Corona Virus epidemic. Since now many people are advised to take all the necessary precautions, David feels his efforts are bearing fruits. Through these masks, people an go about their usual business while preventing the spread of the virus.

Where did David get the inspiration?

David hails from Kibera, a slum in the city of Nairobi, Kenya. When the Covid-19 came to the picture, he was worried. How could the people in slums maintain social distancing, wash hands regularly, and stay home? How could they fail to go out working and saty at home for the sake of preventing the spread of the virus? All these are impossible. Therefore, the Kenyan local designer came up with this amazing idea. Through his fashion designing career, he decided to craft face masks then distribute them free of charge. Even if not many would benefit from this, at least his home town will save lives. If the needy in the slums cannot afford the sanitizers, hand wash detergents, and surgical masks, they can have the free masks.

How far have the free masks gone?

David’s work is well received especially in this crisis. His free masks are helping people all over the world. Even though he is worried that the ban on transport will bring a fall in the exports, he is proud of the results. The free masks are used to save lives in Europe and the US. The Kenyan local designer will continue to receive recognition globally for his generosity. This are tough times and we are called to give whatever we can to our neighbours to ease the pressure.

David Ochieng says the demand for the masks has gone up which means that he has to invest more time in making them. He also insists that he gets tired but the zeal to help humanity pushes him forward. In this period of the Covid-19 epidemic, many people have come out to give a helping hand. The Kenyan local designer is one of them. Indeed such times need people to give out whatever they have. You never know. The little you have might help to save lives.


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