The Forbes Billionaires List: Africa’s Billionaires 2020


It refers to a list of the wealthiest Africans compiled and published yearly by Forbes magazine in the US. because of the transiting times, the number of African billionaires keeps changing. In 2018 there were 23 African billionaires; however, in 2020, the number has reduced to 20. Out of the 20 billionaires, only two are women i.e., Isabel dos Santos and Folorunsho. To mention some billionaires are;

Aliko Dangote

He is the richest man in Africa with a net worth of $10.1B. His greatest fortune lies in the Dangote cement company, which is renown across the globe. The cement company in Nigeria produces 45.6 metric tons of cement annually and also has operations in ten countries across Africa. Nevertheless, the billionaire has shares in salt, sugar, and flour manufacturing companies.

Nassef Sawiris

He is an Egyptian business billionaire with a net worth of $8B. Nassef’s most valuable asset is the Adidas shoe company worth $4B. Mainly due to last year’s January increased sales, the company added close to $1.5B. Moreover, he also owns shares in the OCI fertilizer company and the Aston villa premier league football club.

Mike Adenuga

He is the second richest Nigerian with a net worth of $7.7B. He has stakes in his mobile phone company, canol oil plant, and extensive real estate. His mobile phone network, known as Glomobile, is ranked 3rd largest in Nigeria, with about 43 million subscribers. He made his first million at 26 years through the distribution of soft drinks and selling lace.

Nicky Oppenheimer

He is the first South African billionaire businessman with a net worth of $7.6B. Not only is he wealthy but also a philanthropist. The billionaire acquires his wealth from his such. He invested about 40% of it in Dabeers diamond mining company. After which he gained ownership and privatized it. Currently, the world’s diamond trading company is under his family. Moreover, he also started fire blade aviation in South Africa from which he owns chartered flights with its fleet together with 3 planes and two helicopters. He also owns 720 square miles of land across Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa

Johann Rupert

He is also a billionaire from South Africa, with a net worth of $6.1B. He specializes in trading luxurious goods. The billionaire owns shares in different companies. For instance, 7% in Remgrow, which he chairs and 25% Reinet, which is an investment company.

Isabell dos Santos

She is the eldest daughter to the former Angolan president, Jose dos Santos, with a net worth of $2.2B.Her fortune is from businesses and investments. She has shares in a Telkom unitel firm and two Angolan banks. However, the Angolan court ordered the freezing of her assets based on the leaked Portuguese files, which alleged her corruption. Her husband’s assets were also frozen.

Folorunsho Alakija

She is a Nigerian businesswoman dealing in oil, fashion, real estate, and printing industries. The lady has a net worth of $1B.She is the vice-chairman of the Famfa oil exploration company and, as such, has shares in the Agami oil field. Furthermore, her fashion label hosts prominent customers. For instance, she has designed outfits for the former president’s wife. The Famfa oil company is likely to operate through 2024



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