The First Electric Bus in Uganda Tested

The introduction of electric vehicles and tracts proves the use of model-based engineering technology. Concerning this, the first electric bus in Uganda has been tested. The electric city bus has been on the development process since November 2011. This technology bases on simulation and modeling tools called autonomies. Argonne National Laboratory used them for the development of light and heavy-duty vehicles. Therefore, models for motor, battery, vehicle control, chassis, and transmission were replicated in autonomies. This was to achieve the optimum solution for the development process and requirements for the vehicle. Different modes of testing have been done.

Acceleration Test

The target acceleration of 1.5 m/s2 has been tested as a characteristic of the typical Kampala city ring road, although not achieved. The bus can only move with the acceleration of 1.7m/2. The electric bus has seen a gradual change in Uganda’s public transport. Consequently, it has eased congestion on transport in the city of Kampala. The bus which has been branded “Uganda Green Bus” has a carrying capacity of ninety passengers. It is called the green bus since it doesn’t use fuel to power, but electricity. As a result, it’s one of the ways to reduce pollution as well as save the environment. As pointed out by Leone Ssenyange of CGTN Africa, who took an electric-powered ride, the bus has a low flow entry meaning that someone can even jump over to the bus without even using stairs.

Gradeability Test

Some initial requirements were set before the manufacturing of the bus by the Killer company. It was done to ensure a maximum of 7.9% is met with a maximum speed of 300Km/h, with a single charge of electric power. The comfortable passengers say that the bus is equipped with CCTV cameras inside. Their purpose to monitor the security of the journey. Eventually, the ride will be safe. Also, Leone Ssenyange reports the same after moving with the bus for a 130 km journey from the capital city to the central part of the country.

 Road Test

A road test has been done to test if the road is worth for transport. It also tests the extent to which the electric concept satisfies the road conditions in Kampala. Officials say that this will be a big step for their plan to tentatively improve the transport sector. They did a two months study for the two buses they have manufactured. This was to help them understand how they can introduce buses on urban centers in Uganda and beyond the sub-Saharan region. Besides that, city residents expect to be riding on the buses by the year 2021. The allure of riding the buses has already excited people. Ugandan citizens have boarded the bus during the testing process to the extent of even being eager to know the Uganda Car Cooperation (UCC) and killer motors company, which lands on assembly with more information.


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