The federal government warns Nigerians to stop using windows 7


 The End of Microsoft Windows 7

Following the announcement made recently by Microsoft, about the end of windows 7 era, the federal government of Nigeria on 7th February 2020 to stop using the device for sensitive matters like internet banking. The advisory was made by Mr. Mukhtar Sadiq, who is a technical assistant to the minister of communication and the digital economy.

Mr. Mehta said that Microsoft would give no technical support, security, and software updating for the platform. “Systems are running on windows seven will continue to work. However, they will progressively be more vulnerable to viruses and malware,” Sadiq said.

To avoid losing sensitive data and breach of privacy, he urged the public to upgrade their software to windows 10 version. Mr. Mukhtar Sadiq was speaking on behalf of his minister, Dr. Ibrahim Pantami.

The news above the end of windows seven was made from Microsoft headquarters and has seen taken effect from 14th January 2020.

What does the end of windows seven support mean?

Free incident support, fixes for non-security, arrantly claims, features requests, and design changes; these are some of the Microsoft mainstream support. This is to means that in the eyes of Microsoft, Windows 7 is dead. The windows will continue working on your computer.  However, it will become more vulnerable to malware and security risks.

The hardware and software manufacturers will now be less concerned with making products that support this operating system. Instead, they are likely to focus more on the new Windows 10 version.  Microsoft has been warming people for the whole of 2019 about the end of Windows 7.

As of date 14th January 202, there are no security updates for windows 7. However, for you to use it, you will have to buy extended security updates.  Microsoft from the date 15th January starting sending a notification to the windows seven users.

Last words

If you wish to know other Microsoft essential days, for Microsoft desktop operating system, you can check them at the windows lifecycle page. The nearest end of support will be on 10th January 2023 for windows 8.1. If you are still in Windows 7, there is no need to upgrading to Windows 8; instead, update to windows ten straight.


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