The Fastest Man in the World Tests Positive for COVID-19


The coronavirus disease surprises the world every day. It has affected the entire world. No country is an exception. Besides, the virus does not consider anyone’s status. It infects presidents, athletes, and even tycoons. Recently, reports say that the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, contracted the virus. Bolt is famous for his speed in the 100m races, his iconic poses, and other legendary achievements.

Who is the Fastest Man in the World?

Usain Bolt came into existence on 21st August 1986. He is a Jamaican and a former sprinter. The world considers him to be the fastest sprinter in the globe. Usain Bolt is a world record holder in the 100m, 200m, and 4 × 100m relay races. Bolt is an 8-time Olympic gold medalist. He is the only racer to win Olympic 100 meters and 200 meters titles at 3 following Olympics. The sprinter also got more than 1 4 × 100 relay gold medals.

Usain Bolt won successive World Championship 100 meters, 200 and 4 × 100m relay gold awards for 6 years. Bolt is the most successful sportsperson of the World Championships. In 2009, Bolt broke his own first set world record of 9.69 with 9.58 seconds. The athlete has broken the 200 m race twice, 1st one was in 2008 with 19.30 and with 19.19 a year later.

Earlier, he had won several 200 meters awards and possesses the world under-20 and the world under-18 titles. Some of Bolt’s awards are the IAAF World Athlete of the Year, and Track and Field Athlete of the Year. He also got an award of Laureus World Sportsman of the Year. Usain Bolt retired in 2017 after the competition.


Usain Bolt Shares his Condition on Social Media

Earlier this week, Bolt told his fans on social media about him contracting the virus. He said he would be in quarantine. He later shared his state of health to the rest of the public.

He says:

“Good morning everybody. Just waking up. Like everybody, checked social media and saw that social media says I’m confirmed of covid-19. I did a test on Saturday because I work. I’m trying to be responsible, so I’m going to stay in and stay here for my friend. Just to be safe, I’ll quarantine myself and just take it easy.”

Christopher Tufton’s Statement and Bolt’s Current State

Christopher Tufton is the Jamaican Minister of Health and Welfare. He says that Bolt was aware of the outcome and health authorities are tracing those who were near him. The athlete claims to be asymptomatic.

The Health Minister says:

“It is now common knowledge that Mr. Usain Bolt has tested positive. The authorities have formally notified him.”

Coronavirus in Jamaica

Jamaica is home to over 2.5 million people. It has cases of less than 1,700. Bolt uplifted his country during the Championships. Losing him might be a loss for the country. As the sports sector is slowly recovering, we hope that Usain Bolt may recover quickly and get back on his feet.



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