The Biggest Companies in Africa

Africa’s entrepreneurship is making notable growth and development. A wide range of companies has come up in various sectors like the oil and gas sector, food industry, retail, electricity, among others. Some of the biggest companies in Africa record very impressive revenues, meaning that economic growth on the rise. This article lists some of the biggest companies in Africa, that are doing great in providing world-class products.


Sonatrach is a company in the oil and gas sector. The Algerian based company was established in 1963 and it’s the biggest oil company in Algeria and Africa at large. Sonatrach’s headquarters are in Hydra, Algiers, Algeria. In 2010, the company reported a revenue of US$ 76.1 billion after employing a total of 120,000 workers. Sonatrach is the 11th largest oil exploration company in the world. The company is a major source of Algeria’s revenue. 30% of its returns go directly to Algeria’s GNP making it one of the biggest companies in Africa.

Steinhoff International

Steinhoff International was established in 1964 by Bruno Steinhoff. The company manufactures, sources, and retails furniture and household goods in Africa, Europe, and Australia. Steinhoff International has expanded its operations in Southern Africa. As a result, it has provided diversified businesses like supply chain solutions, transport services, timber products, and manufacturing services. This company is doing great with 130,000 employees on its payroll, thus it is one of the biggest companies in Africa. In fact, in the financial year 2018/2019, it’s revenue was 12.9 billion EUR. Its competitors are Tempur Sealy International, Sleep Number, and Simmons. Steinhoff headquarters are in Stellenbosch, Western Cape in South Africa.


Sonangol prides itself in being the largest producer of petroleum and natural gas in Angola. Its headquarters are found in Luanda, Angola. Sonangol is the only company in Angola that is represented throughout the country. Therefore one of the biggest companies in Africa. On top of that, it has offices in Asia, America, and Europe. The company has gained popularity due to its sponsorship of sports activities and arts in Africa and the rest of the world.

The Bidvest Group

The Bidvest Group Limited was founded in 1990 by Brian Joffe. The company was dealing with food service, distribution, and trading industries. This company has diversified its operations in various industries. They are automotive business, commercial products business, banking, freight management, office and print services, property investments, insurance, and private security, and facilities management of stadiums. The company records an average annual revenue of US$5.5B. Its major competitor is Project Prologs and it has a total of 130,877 employees on its payroll.

Eskom Holdings

Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd is a South African company providing electricity/ power services. It was established in 1923 by Hendrik van der Bijl. The company supplies 95% of the electricity used in South Africa, and 45% of the power used in Africa comes from Eskom Holdings. It has a total of 49,000 employees who ensure electricity is supplied to homes, industries, and redistributors. Eskom Holdings records US$15 billion in revenue annually (2018). The company’s competitors are Constellation Energy, Duke Energy Corporation, and Entergy Corporation. Eskom Holdings headquarters are found in Sunninghill in South Africa.

Sasol Ltd

The South African company targets producing chemical and energy technologies for industries. It also develops world-class facilities that produce liquid fuels, high-end chemicals, and low carbon electricity. Sasol was founded in 1950, and it reports revenue of US$21.78 billion annually. Its close competitors are ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, and Chevron Corporation. With headquarters in Sandton South Africa, the company has 30,100 employees on its payroll.

ShopRite Holdings

ShopRite holdings is a company founded in 1979 and have its headquarters in Brackenfell in South Africa. The company is the largest supermarket retailer in Africa, aims at providing Africans with low prices. It’s many stores and distribution centers across the continent gave the company a revenue of R141 billion in 2017. In a day, it is estimated that more than 35,000 customers shop in the 2,738 outlets across the continent. 146,000 employees on the payroll of ShopRite Holdings help the company deliver its services efficiently.


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