The Angolan Doctors Union Protest Against Police Cruelty


Doctors are very important people in this world. At this time of the pandemic, they are the ones who are in between life and death. The government should prioritize them in everything and ensure their well-being. However, it is unfortunate when we hear reports of unpaid doctors and nurses or lack of protective gear as they are combating COVID-19.

The World Health Organization pinpointed some African countries that were involved in COVID-19 graft. Such countries, for example, Kenya, are having problems in the provision of testing kits and PPEs, yet the leaders are pocketing the funds.

A sadder part of this story is that the doctors are also victims of police brutality. The issue of police cruelty during this period has increased significantly. A few months ago, there was a case of white police in the United States killing a black American. Several countries protested due to police brutality.

Role of the Police During this Period

The authorities in several African countries have put restrictions just as Angola put its restrictions in March. These restrictions are important since they help the health authorities in combating the virus. The Angolan authorities instructed the Angolan soldiers to aid the police to implement the law. However, there are cases of the police using excessive force to implement COVID-19 restrictions, such as a lockdown.

Despite the duty of the police to maintain the law, Angolans are not following the health guidelines strictly. This might be because of the over-concern of them accessing essential services other than the danger potential of contracting the virus.

Angolan Doctor Dies in the Hands of the Police

Late last week, the Doctors Union in Angola led over 90 demonstrators in Luanda. They displayed garments that had fake blood on them. This probably was to send the message to the police to stop killing their citizens. The union condemned the cruelty of the police during March.

It also demanded scrutiny into the death of Silvio Dala while in the hands of the police officers.

Reports say that the police arrested the doctor due to the failure of not wearing a face mask while driving. Wearing face masks is among the important health guidelines, according to the World Health Organization.

What the Police are Saying Concerning the Situation

The police officers are saying that the healthcare professional suffered a heart condition while in detention. However, people raised more questions as the police sent the body to the mortuary while having blood and scars to the head.

Citizens Are Tired of the Police Cruelty

Lenia Silva, a patient, voiced out her anger with the Angolan authorities.

She says:

“Who do we finally have to turn to? Who do we have to ask for help? Who are you that we need? Police, stop doing this. The medical community is unfortunate; we are really sad.”

Dr. Rodrigo Joao condemned the officers due to a lack of honesty, love, and humanity.

The Doctor says:

“We need to draw attention to this mistake and correct it so that a citizen will not lose his life next time.”

On the hand, Adriano Manuel, the head of the Doctors Union, said that they would bring the case to the courts. The head says that they have evidence that their colleague did not succumb to a heart attack.

Reports of the Amnesty International

According to the organization that fights against human rights violations, the police have shot more than 5 youngsters. This is between May and July. The Angolan authorities should intervene in the situation and change how police handle its citizens. The constitution also condemns any violation of human rights.

Besides, strong people in the country should come up like Nelson Mandela and protect the rights of the citizens.



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