The African Woman With The Biggest Behinds


The African Woman With The Biggest Behinds. In contemporary societies, having big attractive buttocks has become the in-thing. Why is this so? It is because most women base beauty on the bottoms. As such they go through thick and thin to satisfy their desires. The women who are wealthy enough seek professional guidance from experienced doctors. Meanwhile, the middle-class ones opt for illegal means since it’s the cheapest. This is despite knowing that by so doing, they endanger their lives as they might have complications in the future. Truly cheap can be expensive.

Some of the methods through which women enlarge their behinds are injections, ointments, fat grafting, and implants. The latter is common among rich women. Though it’s one of the safest, it’s quite expensive. However, the butt implant charges vary depending on the sizes. And because implants are costly, most women go for butt injections and ointments. The two methods are not only a form of instant gratification but also have documented severe after-effects. Silicone injections have proven dangerous for butt enlargement many countries prohibit them. Often, there have been cases of women with extraordinary abnormal butts which are as a result of silicone injections. Therefore, professionals do advise women to seize from unsafe butt injections as the repercussions accompanying them might be irreversible. Some women have even developed skin cancers from simple butt injections and ointments.

Fat grafting is a surgical procedure that involves the transfer of fat from other parts of the body, usually the abdomen or thighs to the butt. Sometimes cosmetic surgeons combine the fats with butt implants to achieve a natural look.

One reason women enlarge their butts is that they consider it an investment. That is common, especially among socialites, strippers, and bartenders. They tend to get handsome compensations for displaying their bodies. In this article, we will look at Sarah Baartman, who became famous for her big behinds during her time. Therefore, it is significant to note that the thing with a big butt began in the past.

The Early Life Of Sarah (The African Woman with the biggest behind).

Sarah Baartman(The African woman with the biggest behinds) is of Khoikhoi ethnic group. She was born in 1789, and raised in the eastern part of the Cape Colony, specifically in Gamtoos. Her parents worked as slaves on a colonial farm. Both her mum and dad died when she was young leaving her to survive on her own. The Bushmen or Hottentots were responsible for her father’s death while her mother remains undocumented. As a result of her parents’ death, she got married at a younger age. And it was not long before she delivered a baby. However, the baby did not make it as it passed away after some days.

Sarah spent most of her teenage life working in the settler farms. However, in the 1800s a white trader, Peter Cesars approached her and offered her a job if she migrated to cape town. During those times, Cape Town was a British colony. While in Cape Town, Sarah lived in very poor conditions. At first, she worked as a nursemaid for Peter Cesars and then as a maid for a Dutchman. Occasionally, her Dutch master mistreated her.

It was not long before she shifted her working environment. Now she was serving Hendrik Cesars, who was the brother to Peter Cesar. She worked as a wet nurse for some time, breastfeeding his children. Often, Sarah received unfair treatment at her workplaces since her masters saw her as a slave.

Sarah Baartman Exhibition In England

While working under Hendrik’s roof, Sarah met a Scottish military surgeon, who also made a lot of money supplying British men with rare animal species. So, when he saw Sarah, he presented her with an opportunity to make a lot of money. She told her that showcasing her body at a circus and working as a servant was all they required of her. In exchange, she would get great compensation. The surgeon (William), was intrigued by Sarah’s broad hips and big behinds. He thought that showcasing Sarah’s body would earn him great profits.

He, therefore, presented Sarah with documents and assured her good treatment in exchange. Since all Sarah (The African woman with the biggest behinds) wanted was good treatment, and compensation, she signed the documents and agreed to go with William to England. However, there is no doubt the documents were faulty, especially because Sarah did not even understand English.

In 1810, Sarah arrived in London. After her arrival, William organized the first-ever Sarah Baartman (The African woman with the biggest behind) show in the Egyptian Hall of Piccadilly Circus. William had detained her in a one and a half meter cage where he presented her for the exhibition. William would then instruct her on what to do while present in the exhibition.

William permitted the people who came for the exhibition to poke her body. They saw Sarah as a unique being. As such, Sarah Baartman’s exhibitions attracted large crowds of people. Therefore, her popularity became widespread around the area. Often wealthy men would pay for private sessions to spend time with Sarah.

However, when African Association heard about Sarah Baartman, the African woman with the biggest behinds, and what she underwent while in England, they sued William. They needed to get clarifications whether Sarah was in England willingly or whether she was there forcefully. Zachary Macaulay was the judge preceding the Baartman case. It was during the same time that Zachary endorsed antislavery in the United Kingdom.

On the trial day, there was enough evidence to incriminate William. Evidence shows, they mistreated Sarah and failed to compensate her were all in the open. Nonetheless, when the Association called Sarah to testify, she confirmed that William did not take her against her will. And neither was she showcasing her body unwillingly. Therefore, there were no valid reasons to incriminate William, for even the witness had testified to his advantage.

Therefore, the court closed the case. Thereafter, William and Baartman moved to Manchester. From there it was difficult for the African Association to monitor if Sarah was receiving proper treatment. Since Sarah’s exhibition had gained so much fame around Europe, they traveled and William made more profits and taking advantage of Sarah. In 1814, William died, leaving Sarah more vulnerable than ever.

Sarah Baartman Exhibition In France

Around 1814, a French man called Henry Taylor bought Sarah Baartman and then took her to Paris. Since the African woman with the biggest behind’s exhibition was prominent along with Europe, many Frenchmen were eager to attend her show. She became part of many prestigious French shows until her master sold her to an animal trader. Her new master would put her in cages alongside other circus animals. Sometimes he would exhibit her together with other circus animals while on some occasions force her to appear naked before prestigious men who would touch her body making her feel uncomfortable. The treatment she received in France way worse than when she was in England. Not only did her master cage her, but also placed a collar around her neck like the circus animals.

Because of her popularity and her extraordinary body, many scientists were eager to study her. They wanted to know what was happening to Sarah’s body that made her have such extraordinary features. French scientists wondered whether Sarah was suffering from elongated labia. Among those who studied her was Francois Levaillant. The scientists examined Sarah and concluded that she was the missing link between animals and humans. It was during this time that racial discrimination began in Europe. The whites started comparing the blacks to the animals especially the ones from the ape families.

By that time, Sarah was undergoing so many abuses. The whites sexually abused her and got her pregnant. She bore a son who died at a tender age. Meanwhile, Sarah’s life began splitting apart. She started doing drugs. This made her addicted to the drugs she was using.  Due to her poor lifestyle, she died at a real young age. It was sad to see a 26-year-old die early because of the frustrations life presented her way.

The naturalist who was studying her continued his research even after her death. He picked his remains (skeletons, genitals, and brain) and preserved them for his research.

It was after five years of negotiation that the South African government returned Sarah’s remains back home. In 2002, the South African government presented Sarah with a decent burial and lain her body to rest. Many Khoikhoi representatives had attended the burial to commemorate their loved on.

The date of Sarah’s burial is similar to the day people celebrate women’s day. Hence this provides a great opportunity for people to honor women like Sarah Baartman. Though she underwent lots of severe atrocities, she stood firm for as long as she could, without despairing.

However, it is time for the abuse of women’s rights to stop. People need to respect women for who they are as they contribute to a greater part of life. Most of all, authorities should take action against those who disrespect women. A woman should not feel belittled regardless of their body sizes and shapes. No one should feel embarrassed of themselves, for it is not worth risking their lives to alter how they look.



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