Tension all over South Africa as a result of the Corona virus

Tension and fear all over South Africa as a result of the Corona virus spread
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Despite the worry and stress in South Africa as a result of the Corona virus outbreak, people have decided to go to the church to pray. According to the news, two ladies, by the name Mama Thando and Mama Pinda had been spotted on Monday on their way to church. One of the ladies says people need to pray now more than ever. She adds with a laugh, “We have to chase the Corona virus in our prayer.”

It is now a week after the President of South Africa, Ramaphosa advised the country to change the way of life and behavior. The president prohibits all gathering with more than one hundred people. He also urged the citizens to avoid handshake greetings and develop alternative ways like the elbow greetings. Furthermore, he ordered the closure of all learning institutions, including nurseries, colleges and universities.

South Africa launches Public Distancing policy.

As a result of fear of the deadly Corona virus, with almost 200,000 infections in not less than one hundred and fifty countries, the South Africa President has asked everyone to adopt precautionary measures as well as public distancing. According to the news, you should distance yourself six feet apart from the other person while in public.

Before President Ramaphosa speech, South Africans did not seem to take the outbreak seriously despite being aware. His speech touched many, and now everyone is determined to do the necessary so as they can win the fight. He inputs the sense of insecurity to the whole of South Africa; they are now ready for the lockdown. Sometimes, all we need is just a small push towards safety.

The fear of virus spread in South Africa                        

The rapid spread of Corona virus in South Africa has left many with tension and worry. On Wednesday, South Africa confirmed around one hundred and sixteen cases but no deaths yet. Citizens are worried about what will happen if the virus reaches the crowded cities and inner townships. It is tension all over the Africa continent, leads countries to shut down all the ongoing activities and entry points.

The South Africa Minister of Health, Zweli Mkhze warned his people about the spread of the virus. He says it high time to alert all the citizens as the internal transmission of this virus is settling in. Besides; he says there will be a new dynamic once the contagious virus begins to attack in buses and taxis.


The Covid-19 infects anyone no matter the age and that is the reason we should be aware of health measures outlaid by the Worlds Health Organization. For you to be safe, wash your hands with soap and water more often, avoid over-crowded areas, avoid handshake and stay indoors. Those with underlying medical conditions should ensure they take medication and strengthen their immune system as they are more vulnerable to the virus. Finally, there is no need to tense because of the outbreak; after all, there are cases of survival. More than sixty million people worldwide have recovered.





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