Ten Dead In China Quarantine Hotel Collapse

Ten Dead In China Quarantine Hotel Collapse

China and COVID19 Update

The world is still under distress since coronavirus hit the earth. COVID 19 is doing more damage than it was anticipated to cause. Countries all over the world have put great measures to prevent the spread of disease. These drastic measures from African, European and Asian countries are slowing down the economy of the world since the major trading nations such as China are in too many problems right now. Every citizen from the affected countries prays that this crisis might be over as soon as possible.

The World Health Organization together with the world researchers and scientists are digging their heels deeper to provide a quick remedy towards this menace. Scientists together with medical firms are struggling to find a vaccine to the disease and sure enough, they might find it sooner.

The number of cases recorded worldwide is more than 100000 with China having more than 78000 of the cases. The number of deaths in China reduced a bit but in other countries, new death records are reported. The total number of deaths worldwide is more than 3000.

Earlier Disaster Report

Xinjia Express hotel was used as a quarantine facility for COVID 19 since many people were affected by the virus and the hospitals were getting under stress to keep the numbers.

The hotel is found in China, Fujian Province in the city of Quanzhou and it collapsed on  Saturday due to reasons still under investigation.

It is a big story that commenced business in half of 2018. The hotel is said to have about 80 guest hotel rooms from the 4th to almost the 7th floor.

A witness that saw the whole scene says that he first heard a very loud bang, later on, he saw the whole building coming down at a high speed.

Reports say that about 70 people were caught up in the collapse of the hotel. Later on, after the building collapsed, the Fujian Fire Brigade sent more than 20 fire engines and almost 150 in many firefighters.

About 30 victims were saved at fifty minutes past 2100hrs and at 2214hrs the Putian Fire Brigade arrived at the scene of the collapse. By Sunday about 47 victims were rescued from the devastating scene and the police are expected to question Mr. Yang, the sole owner of the hotel.

The news received so far says that one of the floors of the building was undergoing renovations even before. A woman told the Beijing News that her family members were in quarantine there and that she tried to reach them but it was not possible.

“I’m under quarantine too (at another hotel) and I’m very worried, I don’t know what to do. They were healthy, they took their temperatures every day, and the tests showed that everything was normal.”

Hope Towards China Crisis

As China keeps battling all these challenges, the world hopes that very soon a remedy will be found before the disease continues to spread to other countries. Despite all the problems brought about by COVID19, the health departments and the Ministry of health are all together as they find a solution to their current troubles.