How Technology is Reshaping the Healthcare space in Morocco

Healthcare in Morocco
Healthcare in Morocco

Healthcare Technology In Africa- Review

In the healthcare sector, advancements in research, as well as the development and adaption of new and advanced technology has paved the way for more in-depth understanding when it comes to human health. This has led to an increase in effective means not only in prevention but also in treating the diseases. Therefore technology in Africa is becoming noticeable in Africa and more so when it comes to reshaping the healthcare space of Morocco.

The country through partnerships with other companies are doing great in ensuring better healthcare. In the recent collaboration with Microsoft, there is huge resources and expertise that is put forward to bring better healthcare in the country. Microsoft head says:

“Microsoft has always believed that improving healthcare via technology requires working together through partnerships with organizations that hold expertise within the field and identifying the right team that holds a shared passion and insights. This  of a broad range of cloud-based tools and solutions that touch many aspects of the development and delivery of effective healthcare,”

Hicham Iraqi Houssaini, who is the country manager for Microsoft in Morocco said.

Technology advancements in the country

In the 2019/2020 report by Africa Prosperity Report, it is shows that Morocco has the highest rates of immunizations. Hence the ranking of number nine in prosperity overall in Africa. The Lalla Salma Foundation on fighting cancer has made tremendous efforts. The organization is now able to track and do analysis of data by use of insights to improve the outcomes for their patients.

The foundation of this organization was in 2005. It’s intended  purpose was to ensure that the fight against cancer remained the priority of public health.  Plans was to collaborate with the ministry of health in morocco. This will also be together with a government agency that oversees health care in the country. The Lalla Salma can support as well as accommodate the patients when undergoing cancer treatment through the help of Houses of life. It has been able to offer between six thousand and twelve thousand stays overnight throughout the year. It has been able to access social workers as well as specialized health providers.


The steps by the government and other authorities around health sector clearly shows the greater milestone brought by technology. The duties that health workers used to do manually can now be done with seconds. Health facilities are upgraded and patients can receive better health care depicts the best technology is doing in the country.

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