This Nigerian Turns Waste Tires into Sculptures

Meet Anchokwa Ernest, an innovative young Nigerian who looked at the environment and found a solution to decomposed tires. His brilliant idea must have come out of serious thinking since, as we know, tires are strongly made. So, tapping into an idea of how to make them malleable and design sculptures is itself smart. This Nigerian turns waste tires into sculptures using his creativity. The Lagos-based artist makes animal sculptures from the tires that have been disposed to the environment anyhow. Though many Nigerian companies have embarked on recycling the wasted tires, none have ever come up with a unique idea like Ernest’s.

How he makes the sculptures

The innovative young guy views the tires disposed of in the streets of Nigeria as a valuable resource. He collects all of them and begins making sculptures out of them. Ernest Anchokwa says that the animal sculptures he design come into his mind, and he would stop at nothing to craft them. His works are so amazing and unique that many on social media can’t help but admire them. He has so far made different animal sculptures such as a rabbit with long years, monkeys having a conversation, the head of a horse, among other amazing sculptures. This Nigerian turns waste tires into sculptures, therefore, safeguarding the environment.

Using the idea to clean up the environment

Through his approach, this incredible artist is cleaning up the environment. When the worn-out tires are recycled, they don’t lie in the environment recklessly. The good thing is that the man makes plastic sculptures using them. Today, the city of Lagos doesn’t have to look all messy now that the art-work has taken root. The worn-out tires make the environment look ugly and unattractive. Thus, making the sculptures serves a double purpose. It cleans up the environment as well as create beautiful sculptures. This Nigerian turns waste tires into sculptures and helps save the surroundings.

The Future of this recycling business

Of course, like other business people, Ernest hopes his artwork will grow. In the future, when the business has expanded, he can employ other artists also to increase the volume of the sculptures. So far, the sculptures are being displayed in Nigeria’s National Gallery. With such exposure, this artwork is available to the world. Hence, the business ought to increase as time goes by. Also, his social media account, to be precise twitter, has thousands of tweets. The followers praise his great idea of recycling the worn-out tires. Most say that the guy must be very hardworking to convert the tires into sculptures tirelessly. He’s so creative, judging from the various sculptures he has invented. Surely Lagos has to be proud of this artist who has such an excellent initiative. This Nigerian turns waste tires into sculptures just at the right time.

The Bottom Line

The world needs innovative minds like Ernest Anchokwa. Through him, you can not spot a waste tire in Lagos, Nigeria. What does this teach young people? That you don’t have to depend on an office job. You can otherwise use skills and innovation to model a business that helps society. He’s doing a very nice job of making the spectacular sculptures. He’s a fit for animal lovers who can order for their pets to be designed.