A diaspora group, the Niger Delta Legacy Movement (NDLM), led by Jerome Anderson, has stated that its planned mass rally in the United Kingdom and the Hague will go on as scheduled. The group noted that no amount of surrogate attack will stop them from continuing their campaigns against the manipulative tendencies of the group Chief Executive Officer, GCEO, of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation Limited.
This was made available in a statement by group leader Anderson on Tuesday in London, stressing that it will stop at nothing to ensure that the Nigerian government thoroughly probes the CEO to get to the root of his alleged wanton corruption in the country’s petroleum sector.
However, the group stated that not even attacks from those it described as Kyari’s bootlickers would be enough to stop its drive to ensure that the CEO ends up in jail as it calls on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to go after Kyari, adding that it has documents to back up its alleged sleaze being perpetrated by the NNPCL management under Kyari.
The pipeline surveillance contracts awarded to Tantita Security Services Nig LTD, TSSNL, by Kyari, according to the group, are laced with corruption and criminal manipulative tendencies that ordinarily, in a saner context, are enough to send Kyari to jail. To achieve this objective, the group calls on all Nigerians to support its crusade to end sleaze and malfeasance in the nation’s energy sector.
According to Anderson, Kyari has over the years run the sector like his personal estate, a development that, it said, opened up the petroleum resources and revenue accruals to looting and reckless sleaze, saying that until the Nigerian state rises to the occasion, the CEO would become the next richest African billionaire in dollars at the detriment of the state.
Kyari has a bunch of rag-tag footsoldiers who are quick to attack whoever constructively requests he render an account of his stewardship to Nigeria. He says the Nigerian National Assembly is drooling in idleness and clueless about how to tackle the corruption steering the oil industry in the wrong direction. He adds that such is possible because most of the lawmakers are culpable and allegedly paid returns by the NNPCL management to remain dumb.
The statement called on the security agencies, including the National Security Adviser to the President, Mallam Nuhu Ribady, to shine a searchlight on Kyari’s proxies, who it noted are benefiting from Kyari’s spoils and have become willing tools in the hands of the CEO.
“Ours is a crusade against malfeasants, racketeers, rent seekers, nepotism, and looters of Nigeria’s economy. The oil resources in the Niger Delta region belong to the people of the area, and nobody can shortchange anybody. That Kyari pays a rag-tag bunch who relish petty materialism does not make him the best to manage the source of our national wealth.
“Kyari should begin awarding the pipeline surveillance contract evenly to the region’s youths and not concentrate it in the hands of one man, empowering him to buy appointments and positions for his allies.  From the benefit of hindsight, we are aware that Tompolo bought the recent appointment to the office of the Interim Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, PAP, for his kinsman, Dr. Dennis Otuaro, at the whopping sum of 2 billion naira from the wolves in the presidency. How do you empower one man to be that powerful in a fragile political-economic system like Nigeria? We are aware that this money came from the surveillance security contract, while other tribes in the region are deliberately disempowered by the cartel that runs the NNPCL.
“Is the presidency not surprised that even with the security contract awarded that notorious character, oil theft remains predominant in the region? How does this government explain the fact that only one man is saddled with the protection of Petroleum infrastructure in the country, paving the way for bribery?
“Nigerians should not expect oil theft to abate soon as long as Kyari remains in the helm of affairs and still enjoys the confidence of the plot that foisted him on the system. We are worried that even with the huge contract sum paid to TSSNL, we still have security concerns in the Petroleum industry. The conventional security architecture has been relegated to the background in the politics of who secures the pipelines, causing some questionable characters to smile at the banks while non-state actors break our pipelines unfettered. We shall report Kyari and his co-confederates to the world. The struggle is our life.
“For the benefit of those who may be too daft to understand or mischievous elements who feign ignorance of what we are saying, how come that only the Ijaws of the South-South are appointed into positions at the detriment of other ethnic nationalities? For instance, the Ijaw ethnic group is the only beneficiary of this administration that we all supported, Minister Of Petroleum, Heineken Lokpobiri;
Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Samuel Ogbuku;
Presidential Amnesty Cordinator,  Denis Otuaro, and Pipeline Surveillance Contract, Government Ekpemupolo.”
Anderson stated, adding that the FG shouldn’t take its war of marginalization against the delta region beyond a tolerable level. “We all may be living on a keg of gunpowder.”


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