Sudan PM Abdalla Hamdok Survives Assassination Attempt 

Sudan PM Abdalla Hamdok Survives Assassination Attempt

Sudan Prime Minister

He is the 15th Prime Minister to serve in the country of Sudan. Despite being a PM he has served in various prestigious positions. He served as the Deputy Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa for about 7 years. The sovereignty council appointed the man as the PM of Sudan and was later sworn in power last year.

The Prime Minister’s Education Background

The prime minister has a very strong educational background history. He has achieved a bachelor of science and a doctorate in economic studies. He has studied at the University of Khartoum and the university of manchester.

Due to his knowledge and skills in the economic sector, he worked in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning. During Omar al-Bashir’s rule, Hamdok was recognized as the Minister of Finance but he did not accept the position.

Hamdok being the Prime Minister, he achieved some goals to create a different perspective concerning leadership and governorship. He selected cabinet ministers to represent different ministries at hand.

The most drastic measure he took was by removing 35 vice-chancellors and 28 chancellors in power from the public universities. He did this to erase the Al Bashir’s rule and change the people who were under his presidency by then.

Commercial Agriculture

He encouraged the Africans to change to commercial agriculture from local agriculture since he believes Africa can be self-sufficient in food production.  Hamdok says that the only ways to fight against hunger are by developing better infrastructures such as having better roads which may transport excess produce to the market.

Besides, the water is an essential resource and should be managed well to realize an equal optimal food production. He believes that science and technology research facilities and institutions that are well developed will also help in the fight against hunger in Africa.

The greatest thing Hamdok represented was the women’s rights. He is a great figure since he appreciates the female gender. In Africa, generally, women are discriminated against many things such as the right to study, dress or even the freedom of association.

Hamdok represented 4 women in his list of Ministers since the initial list had fewer women. Among the women selected are Asma Mohamed as the Foreign Minister, Wala’a Essam as Minister for Youth and Sports, Lina al-Sheikh as Minister of Social Development and Intisar Soughayroun as Minister of Higher Education.

The Attempted Assassination Of The Prime Minister.

Earlier today, the prime minister escaped an assassination that occurred in Khartoum. He is taken to a safe location due to security reasons. The vehicles that were used are said to be damaged and their windows are broken too.

Several investigations are taking place to find who participated and the reasons as to why. Following the shaky state of Sudan’s political environment, it is assumed that the possible reason for the Prime Minister’s attack was more of a political one. The former ruler was removed by the military and at the same time, Hamdok is appointed as the PM.