Stella Nyanzi’s Exoneration

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Who Is Stella?

Stella Nyanzi Nnalango is a Ugandan activist and feminist who fights for the rights of women and human sexuality. She was born on 16 June 1974.  A great woman, she is renowned for her excellence in the education sector. Stella has done many kinds of research on topics concerning sexuality.

 Among the topics she has done Ugandan’s youth on sexual relationships, the use of contraceptives by men, and the sexual behavior among people. 

Yoweri Museveni’s Rule

Museveni is the current president of Uganda. He has ruled for about 5 terms since the ’80s till this present day.

A new bill was passed in the country, which highly favored him since his presidency is extended. Despite being in power, Uganda has experienced little growth and development.

 Escalating levels of corruption, unemployment, and poverty are still on. The Ugandan citizens are quite unhappy with his rule, and through influential activists such as Stella Nyanzi, they fight for change.

Stella’s Activist Activities, Reputation, And Her Arrest

Through her impressive knowledge in the fields of human rights, Stella is a great strategist. She does this by using public insults, which others support and cause disorderliness.

Due to her defiance and great courage towards fighting for human rights, she is highly supported—most of the Ugandans who are against Museveni’s presidency greatly back her up.

In March 2017, she sexually insulted President Museveni. She is then arrested and taken in custody on 7 April for speaking offensively. On 10 April the same year, she is taken to court. 

The next day she is requested for a mental test, but she insists on having her doctor and one of her family members to undergo the test.

On 10 May, she is released on bail, although the following year, she gets imprisoned. In there, she decides to continue her activism and to enlighten the prison women.

Isaac Kimaze Semakadde, her lawyer, termed the charges as illegal in December 2018. Stella had a miscarriage in January while in prison, which was disheartening.

Stella’s Triumph On Her Release From Jail

After being in prison for almost 20 months, earlier this week, Sella is released from prison. Her supporters were extremely happy as she is a free woman finally.

Gladys Kamasanyu is the magistrate who approved for her conviction. Nyanzi later appealed for her case to Judge Henry. He opposed the court that passed an order to arrest her since her hearing was quite unfair.

The court was also in no power or control to try Nyanzi’s case. Later that day, there is a battle between the police officers and Nyanzi’s supporters since they want to take her back to prison.

Due to the drama, Stella Nyanzi gets unconscious, and she faints. She is driven in a car to the hospital for a check-up.

Stella As An Idol To Be Taken After

Following a great victory by being released, people everywhere celebrated. Her firm actions motivate women all around the world to act just like her and fight for human rights. Nyanzi’s heroic acts empower various groups, especially the women whose rights are at most times infringed.



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