South Sudan Crisis-80 Civilians Killed After Peace Deal Signed

Over 80 civilians have been killed by Sudan’s  Army and related arm forces in the state violence at the southern part of the country after a peace deal was signed. The UN peacekeeping mission in Sudan recorded that the Military during the attack also involved in sexual violence and rape with more than 100 women and girls in the Central Equatoria region, between September 2018 and April this year.

The recent attack in the Equatoria region of the country after the signing of the peace deal is one of the most significant conflict-related violation in South Sudan, and this needs urgent action by the government.

Going by the history of the two countries, South Sudan gained its independence from Sudan in the year 2011, but after that falls into civil war two years later which over 350,000 citizens of Sudan died as a result of the war. After several unfulfilled agreements, the two parties then again sign another peace deal in September 2018, while in May this year they both agreed to have six months to reunite and form unity government again.