South Africa’s First Female Helicopter Pilot Teaches Girls To Fly.

Yeah, there are well-trained pilots in the world, but only a few are of the female gender, especially in Africa. However, when we use the word pilot, it could mean a way of introducing a program as a series on the media (Radio/Television). Meanwhile, Pilot here is a word used to describe those who work for airlines and transportation companies.  Therefore these categories of people are either Airline pilots or Commercial pilots base on the organization they work with. There is a little difference between a commercial and an airline pilot. However, they all have the responsibility of ensuring the safety of passengers and cargo.

South Africa First Female Helicopter Pilot

Fefilwe is the first female helicopter pilot in South Africa and the founder of the Girl Fly Program in Africa Foundation. A foundation that encourages and empowers young women to take up science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects. Although Fefilwe once desired to be a doctor as a young girl until she was inspired by a female pilot, she once met. This inspiration got to her after boarding a flight to Johannesburg from Cape Town flown by a woman pilot. Since then, her dreams changed, and she started working toward becoming a pilot, with this she worked as a cabin crew for South Africa Airways. Moreso, she continued training by taking private flying lessons and ways in which she could generate cash.

As the say goes, “Behind every success, there is a story” centered Felfilwe has a success story to tell. However, in a bid to achieve her dreams, she wrote letters to companies until the South Africa Police Service offered to pay for her training as a helicopter pilot. The Police service gave her the necessary support to get a commercial pilot license. Attaining the qualifications of a pilot is a great success, but being the first female pilot in a country is a greater success. Yet Fefilwe is a young lady who grew up in Limpopo amidst her other six siblings and a single parent. She has been able to achieve this height by not letting her background discourage her dreams. 

Reason Why Fefilwe Is Teaching Girls To Fly

There is a place for inspiration in the life of every youth. Fefilwe is aiming to achieve that inspiration through her foundation. So basically, Fefilwe is teaching young girls to fly to inspire them and build their confidence. She spends her time instructing young girls who are interested in the Aviation industry since she left the police. Yeah, black women are marginalized; hence there is a need to encourage more women to enroll in science and technology. This is what Fefilwe aims to achieve by giving these young girls the support they need to attain success.

According to Fefilwe, “we are just not seeing enough young women and girls succeed in the sciences and that need to change.” According to BBC 

It is critical to invest in humanity, especially in ways that could help others attain their dream.

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