South Africa Vodacom launches a 5G mobile network


The truth is everyday technology takes a step further to more innovations. Of course, there is no way people will settle for less. Different companies are joining the race to create new mobile network. Let’s face reality. No one enjoys remaining at the same level for a long time. At some point, you have to change and think of new ideas.

For instance, South Africa Vodacom launches a 5G mobile network as promised at the beginning of the year. The networking giant launched the 5G service in three cities. These are Pretoria, Cape Town and Johannesburg. Besides, the company expects to touch other cities soon for the rollout. Vodacom says that the 5G network will support both mobile and fixed wireless. The system is currently accessible on twenty-live 5G sites- 18 based in Gauteng and two in Western Cape.

Mobile Network and the invention age.

Here comes the new generation of networks. Therefore, it is time to enjoy extra- high-speed data connections. Still, Vodacom assigns a temporary spectrum via South Africa’s regulator ICASA. For this reason, Vodacom used 50 megahertz channel. In this case, they used the 3.5 GHz band to track the carrier’s 5G launch. Besides, Vodacom is the first to install a temporary spectrum in South Africa.

Besides, Vodacom says that the 5G network devices will operate within the given frequency band for a year. The company also advertised the availability of LG V50 5G smartphones at $730. On the other hand, a Fixed Wireless Access carrier will provide the Huawei CPE PRO routers tagged $80. Moreover, the current 4G charges will initially apply to the 5G service. However, special 5G tariffs are underway.

How 5G helps

By the use of the 5G network, Vodacom sees a forty percent increase in mobile network traffic. Conversely, it will manage a 250% rise in fixed traffic during the Coronavirus lockdown. Sure, they will prevail during this trying time as people are in homes browsing day and night. In other words, the lockdown results in a spike in online activities, including video conferencing and streaming movies.

According to Shameel Joosub, the chief executive of Vodacom, the launch in South Africa comes at a crucial time. He says it will help improve network efficiency during Coronavirus national disaster.  Besides, they already mitigated the network congestion caused by the lockdown.

Additionally, the South Africa telecom regulator assigned Vodacom additional spectrum. Hence, the nation should use it to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic since it’s a national disaster. Although there are no many 5G devices in South Africa for now, Vodacom speculates to expand its initial rollout as more devices come to the market.


Here is the kind of network you have been longing for- more efficient and faster than its predecessors (3G and 4G). Sure, we have come a long way. Let’s take advantage of the new mobile network, especially as we are at home. Remember, as long as you are online; you will find something that attracts your attention. Cling to it, learn new ideas, or make some money. After all, we all need to survive.




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